What is Denefits?

At Denefits, we’re here to provide innovative financing solutions for both businesses and customers. We believe that the current lending system in the U.S. is flawed.

Traditional lenders deny half of all applicants, so businesses lose out on revenue and are unable to provide services to customers who need the most help.

Customers are left with no options to get the services they need because of the problematic credit scoring system.

Financing Solution for Business

We knew there had to be a better way — so we created one. Denefits is disrupting the way lending works in the U.S.

Financing Solution for Customers

We finance everyone with No Credit Checks.

We provide help for customers who need it with Social Payments.

We help customers improve their credit score by reporting all payments to major credit agencies.

flexible payment plans for Family


Customers can use Denefits to finance any service. Since we don’t require credit checks, we finance everyone! Our social payments also allow for donations to help offset your payments. By reporting your successful payments, Denefits helps you build your credit score.

payment plan for Business


With No Fee Financing, Denefits helps businesses gain more customers and a monthly recurring revenue stream. Businesses can easily finance patients using any device. Denefits manages all your contracts and guarantees your payments, so you can focus on what you do best.

medical payment plan


Many businesses need a financing solution. You can be the individual that brings the right solution to them. Increased access and direct impact on a businesses profitability translates into a stronger relationship between you and your businesses.


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