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With the holiday season approaching, you may be running out of time to collect on aged or outstanding accounts before the end of the year. You can surely leave it up to a debt collection agency to collect for you, but who knows how busy they are this time of year. You will typically lose around 30-50% to fees alone. Not to mention that there is zero transparency in the collection process and payments. Worst of all, they can damage your customer relationship, and you wouldn’t even know.  

Is it time to try something new? Something revolutionary?

Denefits knows it well that collecting owed money from your customers can be challenging — they may not have the funds to pay, and as a business, you may not want to risk your relationship with your customers by following harsh debt-recovery practices. 

Use Denefits AR/Debt Collection software and close out outstanding balances or turn them into recurring income. 

How it works: Start by uploading a list of outstanding customer balances to Denefits. We will do the rest.

The system will automatically send payment reminders until your customer makes a payment. By automatically providing multiple payment options and even payment plans, your customer can make payment decisions that work best for you and them. Your business has no fee to pay to use this feature, and you can easily track customer payments. Automating your collections will free you and your staff up to take on other important tasks or enjoy the holiday season!

It is easy to collect outstanding balances with Denefits 

Save time, Save Money, and Get Paid Immediately! Using the Denefits automated collection system, you won’t have to print stuff or mail a bill, and you’ll receive lightning-fast online payments.

Offer your customers different payment options

Denefits wishes you happy holidays and a prosperous new year!