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Pay Over Time has emerged as one of the fastest-growing trends in the business world today. It has become an opportunity worth more than $1.8 trillion in the United States alone!

These numbers paint a profitable picture for businesses across all industries alongside helping their customers get assistance with financing since most of them can’t or don’t want to pay for their purchase at once!

It has disrupted the traditional credit industry to become the most sought-after payment option. It helps customers buy products or services without going overboard or disturbing their budget.

Also known as buy now, pay later, this payment method is based on financing schemes and credit card models. But some differences set them apart.

Let’s start with the basics and understand what Pay Over Time is.

What is Pay Over Time

It is a financing option that allows buyers to purchase a product or a service at that moment and pay for it later over installments. This option is typically used for large purchases. Whether the consumers need to pay interest on the installments or a processing fee is at a business’s discretion.

How Pay Over Time works

Let’s understand with an example. A patient wants to get their spine adjusted. But they can’t pay the entire amount for the procedure in one go, so the chiropractor offers them the Pay Over Time option that would work like this:

* Payment plan

The chiropractor creates a custom payment plan on Denefits for the patient. With Denefits, the chiropractor enjoys a 0% service fee, gets the exact amount financed, and keeps 100% of the down payment.

Unlike other financing platforms, Denefits doesn’t run a credit check on patients, making the Pay Over Time option accessible to all.

* Contract

The chiropractor then creates a contract corresponding to the payment plan. The contract contains all the details, such as the name of the patient, address, email address, cell number, the amount to be financed, the duration of the contract, EMI, and more.

* Acknowledgment of the contract

The patient gets a digital copy of the contract via email. They open the contract and sign it digitally. They must sign the contract carefully because Denefits doesn’t accept random streaks, lines, or X as a signature.

The process is short and simple, and the three steps shared above pretty much sum it up. 

Benefits of Pay Over Time

Denefits’ Pay Over Time feature offers many benefits to businesses and patients. Let’s take a look at how both involved parties profit from it.

Benefits of buy now, pay later for customers

Flexible payment options

Customers want variety, and this desire doesn’t end with services or products. They appreciate when businesses go the extra mile and offer flexible payment options to get what they want instantly.


Pay Over Time by Denefits is the answer when affordability is a concern for customers. Paying in installments is easy and doesn’t burden their budget. It helps them to make their purchase decisions quicker.

Benefits of buy now, pay later for businesses

Quick contracts

Denefits allows businesses to create quick contracts that customers can simply sign digitally. The entire process takes less than five minutes. The faster businesses create contracts, the quicker more customers come on board.

High conversions

Since Pay Over Time makes it easy for customers to afford the services they need, they make quick buying decisions. It increases the overall conversion rate for businesses.

Better customer retention

It is critical for businesses to offer a better customer experience. The flexibility to pay later can make customers stick around for longer with you.

Better outreach

Businesses that offer the buy now, pay later option can attract more customers than their counterparts. It can help your brand have a competitive edge over others. When it comes to putting your best foot forward, nothing sells better than brands that show that they care.

Why choose Pay Over Time by Denefits for your business

At Denefits, it is all about maximizing functionality and minimizing complexity. The Pay Over Time option is created and backed by the same belief. It’s smart, easy to use, and digitally accessible from anywhere.

All you need to do is integrate the Denefits’ Pay Over Time feature to your website or mobile application, and you are good to go. It’s that simple. Just one software is all you need to maximize your revenue and enhance customer experience simultaneously.

Another perk of the Pay Over Time feature by Denefits is that no credit checks are made. All your customers get approved so you don't lose them to your competitors anymore. 

To learn more about the Pay Over Time feature by Denefits, visit the website or download the app now.