Expand Your Dental Marketing with Video Content

Benefits of Video Marketing

A good website for a medical practice serves two major purposes. First, it creates an online presence for the dentist so that the patient can find you in the online world. Second, it creates an emotional connect with your prospect patients. This emotional connect should leave a feeling in the mind of the patient that this dentist can solve the problem for which the patient has visited the website.

Take the Experience to the next level

Now in order to sustain your visitors to the website, your website should be such that it creates a rich experience for the patients. You should have unique content uploaded in a recent and easy to understand theme. Then the web experience of your website visitors can be further enhanced by using images & videos.

You should upload images of yourself, the practice & the staff. You could also upload your images of any special technology that only you use or the way you do your painless procedures or the technology you are an expert at. This helps the patients make a perception about your practice. But by uploading videos, you can take the user experience to the next level.

Videos create interactive content that engages your website visitors in a more meaningful and impactful manner. Start the video by hitting the chord which means your first few sentences should tap the issue for example fear of visiting a dentist and make it more meaningful throughout than making it lengthy without reason.

An informative video can improve visitor conversion rate of your website by providing the answers to questions they are searching for, related to dental care and oral health. A video can also make a lasting and effective emotional connection by addressing issues that your patients are concerned about, hopefully compelling them to schedule a visit to your office.

Patient Testimonial Videos

Patient reviews are fundamental to the trust that prospects attach to you and thus serve a vital role in the online world. A video where the patient shares her great experience can be a great pitch to convert your prospects into your customers. When your patients themselves give the answers to the questions your prospects have in mind, the job of the website is done. There can be no better endorsement of your practice than your patients talking positive about it.

Patient reviews are an important piece of the total marketing package and serve an important role in your online presence. What better endorsement for your dental practice than a video of a happy patient discussing how their dental treatment improved their smile. A video patient testimonial is a powerful marketing tool. It provides a higher level of authentication to what your marketing program is trying to achieve. It’s one thing to tell a potential patient that you can meet their needs, but a real patient telling their story can be the tipping point for someone seeking dental services on the web.


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