Answers You Should Have

What is this dental movement and how does it work?

Are you sick of how hard it is to bill out to dental insurance companies? Are you sick of them telling you that you are missing something that you have already sent? Are you sick of them denying legitimate claims? Are you tired of treating patients in accordance with their insurance benefits? How about when patients don’t want to pay their co-payments because they think everything should be covered by dental insurance. We have a solution to all of this. It’s to make your own private dental plans. By making your own plan, you cut out the middle man and treat the patient the best way possible. TRANSFORMATION

Why does it cost something if it is a movement?

There is a cost to maintain the security of the system and the support that has to be done for each doctor and every patient that doctor has.

How much does it cost?

To administer and maintain your private dental plans, it costs $299 per month and a 5% charge per patient, if we refer patients to you from our marketplace, it costs $99 per new patient that shows up or that buy your plan. Financing patients will cost 5%. We will even collect payments for you for a small fee.

How does it work?

If you are interested in getting a private plan for your office, you just need to determine what percentage discount you want to give in exchange for a monthly premium. If you are interested in patient financing, you just need to determine things like the interest you would like to charge, your late fees, your minimum amount for financing etc., after that, everything is pretty much automatic from there. If there is someone that does not pay on time, we will take care of collections for a small fee. If you just want referrals, we will put you in our website. There is no fee to join. When we do refer you a patient, we will charge you $99 either the day they show up or if they buy your plan.

Why should I join the movement?

I am sure you have noticed that dental insurances have been making it harder and harder for dentists to get paid. Their restrictions that they place sometimes prevents us from doing what is good for patients. Neither ADA nor any dental society has been successful in helping us, they have only made the situation worse. The only way to change dental insurance is to make them feel financial pain. denefits® is a movement for dentists to rise above dental insurance companies. Best of all, this is only the tip of the iceberg, we are about to TRANSFORM dentistry forever and make it better for doctors and patients.

I don't use insurance companies so how can it help me?

That’s a great question. Let me ask you one: When you take vacations, do you think about how much money you are losing when you are away from the practice? Of course, you do. With denefits®, you can have your own recurring revenue stream regardless if you are in the office or not. If you have 2000 patients under your plan, at an average of $55 for premiums, you make $110,000 a MONTH and 1.32 Million per year without lifting a finger. With that, can you take a vacation without worries?

I don't have anything against dental insurance companies.

That’s great. It means you have figured out the system better than most dentists! We are not telling you to stop accepting insurance, we are just introducing an additional way for you to make recurring money every month without lifting a finger. We are offering a way for you to get patients without a lick of marketing.

How does this make me money?

The first way it makes you money is by essentially turning you into an “insurance” You get paid monthly premiums. You add an additional revenue stream without losing another. You will still run your office like normal, bill like normal etc.

How much can I charge for my private dental plan?

You can charge whatever you want, we give you recommended rates that we extensively studied for over 2 years. You can adjust any rate you want to change!

When do I get paid for the services that I provide?

Typically you get paid the day you provide service to the patient.

Do you help me with the setup of the software?

We hold your hand as much or as little as you want. When you are successful, we are successful.

What is the cost and how soon can I start signing up patients?

It costs $299 per month for you to make your own private plan. For financing, setup is free and it’s just 5% per payment. If you are just interested in referrals, it’s free to set up. You can administer your plan right after the setup. If everything goes right, you can sell your plans today!

How does patient financing work?

You basically are in 100% control of this. You charge the interest you want, you charge the late fees you want, you can even defer payments if you want. When a payment is made, 5% is taken out for fees and you keep the rest. If there are any patients that fail to pay, a simple button can be pressed to send them to us, and we will take over collection for a small flat fee.

When do I get paid when I finance a patient?

You get a lump sum every month.

What if a patient does not pay the private dental plan or patient financing. How do I get that money?

Press the “send to collections” button and we will take care of the rest for a small flat fee. We remove your financial headaches.

Is there any contract with this movement/company?

No, there are no contracts, you can cancel at any time. Remember, there is no charge to remain on our patient financing platform or our referral platform.

If I wanted to cancel the plans, how do I do that?

Stop them anytime you want. All of your patients are on a month to month plan. You can cancel on them at will.

How do I get referrals from dentists (Specialists point of view)?

Before we get specialists, we strategically develop your city first (large cities are split into quadrants) with at least 20 dentists. You basically have those 20 dentists referring to you. When a dentist runs into a procedure they do not want to do, they just need to type in the preferred zip code for the patient, a list of specialists come up and with their ratings and price, the specialist is picked along with an alternate specialist. The specialist gets the notifications right away and can either accept or deny the new patient.

Why should I lower my prices for services?

(specialists)You don’t actually need to lower your prices. If you feel your prices are competitive, then go ahead and stick with it. We would like you to keep in mind. Keep in mind that other specialists can join your region, so if their prices are better than yours, they might be the one that gets the patient. Charge the prices that make you happy, that you can live with. That’s it. Just remember, you are not replacing any revenue streams, you are now adding another one, you will just be busier.

How much and how am I charged for referrals?

You can either be charged $199 per month for unlimited referrals, or you can just pay a flat $99 per patient. Whatever works for you.

What if I make a change in the private dental plan pricing or services - how does it affect patients on my old private dental plan vs. the new one?

Even if you discontinue your plan, your old patients will still be placed on the old plan, the new plan will take effect for all patients you sign up afterwards.

How do I keep track of how many patients I have and how much money I can expect deposited in my account?

Your money is deposited monthly into your account. It is extremely simple to keep track of all your patients. Just select the criteria that you want to see such as patients with late payments, patients that have expired plans, patients under certain plans, etc and a list will show up for you on the same screen.

Can't I do this myself?

You can try but there will be numerous HIPAA violations, credit card processing violations and security/theft issues that a small company just cannot deal with. You will not have logins for your patients, or mobile apps, an integrated patient relationship manager etc. On top of that, after the number of patients grows, you will not be able to effectively keep track of patients and their payment status. It really is not worth the headache, denefits® makes your system more efficient so your staff can be free to do other important tasks.

How do I switch over patients who have their own insurance?

How can I sell the plan to them? You need to first determine if it is to your advantage to convert these patients. If they have some fillings or crowns that have to be done, you just have to figure out what works best for you and the patient. In general, let their insurance cover the bulk of procedures then mostly sell the plan for maintenance purposes.

How do I do the marketing of the private dental plan?

Do you help me? You can do whatever you want. We will already help patients find you when you are in our denefits® marketplace. Patients can buy your plans without having to step foot in your office. We have something very special coming up for the marketplace that will change how patients find dentists, you will want to be a part of this.

How much money can I expect to make from this?

Without lifting a finger, if you only sell private plans, you can make more that what you generate in a year from now! For example, if you had 2000 people in your private plan at an average rate of $55 per patient, you will make 1.32 million without doing dentistry! You are not going to get there right away, but you can see your path is very bright.

Do the fees fluctuate when I have more patients?

No, we have made this system very simple, 5% per patient and $299 per month.

Will you guys charge me more next year?

We have no plans to change our price in the foreseeable future.

Is this HIPAA compliant?

Yes, this system was built with security as the top priority.

Where are you guys located?

Newport Beach, CA. We love beautiful Southern California!

How does this work?

Can I lose money on this? Not if you do what we recommend. For example, your benefits and maximums are set too high, you can lose money on patients that need a lot of work. In these cases, it is much better to finance those patients instead of selling your private plans. If the cost of the total treatment exceeds your maximum benefits you allow, we recommend you finance the treatment instead.

Does the system let me know if I should signup a patient for the Private Dental Plan or have them go for financing?

Yes, it will give you a recommendation based on the treatment plan entered.