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Why is it Important to use Social Media?

Today, 7 in 10 Americans use social media to connect with each other, read news content, share information, and entertain themselves, according to 2019 data by the Pew Research Center. Social media is here to stay, and you can harness its power to grow your business.

How can Social Media Help your Business?

  • Reach a larger audience and potential customers

By using social media, your business can tap into a whole new source of customers you otherwise wouldn’t have reached. Social media helps you connect with your customers, build awareness about your brand, and increase your sales.

  • Spread awareness

As stated earlier, many Americans use social media to connect and share information. If you create posts that teach them something new, they will be more likely to support your business. Moreover, these customers will be more likely to share your posts with their own social circles and spread positive news about your business.

  • Establish credibility

Sharing tips and information is not only useful for your customers — it also helps establish your credibility as a professional in your industry. Sharing knowledge shows that you are an expert in your field and will build more trust in your customer base. Your existing and new customers can see the value you provide and will be more likely to come to your business — because they know they can trust you.

How can you Grow your Social Media Presence?

  1. Create posts to share new research or relevant info

Many Americans consume and engage with news through social media posts. When people see news or information they find useful, they want to help their own friends and family by sharing the information on their social media pages. Business owners and medical professionals keep up with industry news, and the best ones share this information with their customers. Creating posts with useful research and information provides greater value for your existing and future customers.
As an example, if you have a medical practice, you could share information on preventative care during flu season and encourage your patients to get their flu shots. Since this is relevant information that many can benefit from, your customers will be likely to share this information with their own social circles — as well as stay healthy.
You can create simple graphics online and post them to your business Facebook or Instagram account, along with links to useful news articles.

  1. Educate your new and existing customer

Americans use social media to learn and share information with each other — so your business can create content that fills this need. Many professionals, including doctors, use social media frequently to share tips on health or their specific industry. A good example of this is Los Angeles-based dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee. She has been creating YouTube videos about dermatological procedures and skincare for years, which has boosted her brand awareness incredibly. She now has 6.52 million YouTube subscribers and her own TV show because she consistently posted quality educational content about her field. You can do the same by creating posts on social media with tips your customers can use in their daily lives. This could be as simple as Facebook or Instagram posts with short useful facts, or even YouTube videos sharing your work process.

  1. Use automated services to create social media posts for you

To skip all the hassle, stress, and confusion of social media, you can use automated social media posting services like Practina. All you have to do is connect your social media accounts to Practina, and the system will automatically create, schedule, and publish posts for you — on all accounts at the same time. This can help you reach a larger customer base without having to create posts and manage your accounts. Practina can also share your best customer reviews on your social media accounts, to show new customers what your business has to offer.