How Do Payment Plans Benefit All Your Patients?

How to Payment Plans All Your Patients Even Those Denied by Other Payment Companies

Denefits helps healthcare providers retain patients & grow their practice by instantly approving payment plans for their patients. Denefits makes healthcare payment plans easy by letting doctors payment plans patients with no credit checks, instant approval, and at your chosen interest rate. Let’s look at how Denefits helps patients & healthcare providers in more detail.

Features of Denefits Patient Payment Plans for Patients

No Credit Check Payment Plans

Over the past few years, companies have become very strict on checking credit scores before payment plans patients. If patients do not have a good credit score, getting a medical loan can be next to impossible. Moreover, even if the healthcare provider is ready to approve a patient, the companies do not permit it. But Denefits approves payment plans without checking the credit score. So even if a patient/ guardian has a low credit score, the patient can in any case be payment plans. Because credit score is not the only criteria to assess a patient’s potential to repay a medical debt. So irrespective of your credit score, Denefits approves patient payment plans. Moreover, healthcare providers can payment plans for patients denied by other payment plans companies as well.

One Account for All Treatments

Denefits approves payment plans for all types of procedures whether it is recommended by a Surgeon, Ophthalmologist, ENT, Physical Therapist, Chiropractic, Dermatologist, or any other specialty. You can use your Denefits account to undergo n number of treatments that too from different healthcare providers and at different times.

Denefits accepts all specialties even Veterinarians. So, if your pet needs to undergo treatment, you can use your Denefits account to apply for the same. It is as simple as that helping your spare money, time, and energy. With Denefits, there is no need to apply separately for different procedures.

Low-Interest Rates

Denefits charges a low rate of interest keeping your treatments and payments both affordable. It makes payment plans more encouraging & reassuring for patients. You can visit a Denefits provider for details regarding the rate of interest for specific treatments.

Instant Payment Plans

Deferring a treatment can be risky. Denefits approves instant payment plans with the goal that you do not have to wait for treatments.

Flexibility in Duration

You can choose the duration in which you can repay the amount comfortably.

Features of Denefits Patient Payment Plans for Healthcare Providers

More Patients

Healthcare providers can now retain patients as their treatments become affordable with Denefits resulting in more patients & more revenue for your practice.

Guaranteed Payments

Healthcare providers get payments on the payment date regardless of whether the patient pays or defaults the payment. So the providers do not need to stress over bad debts as theren’t any.

On-The-Go Practice Management

Providers can manage their patient Payment plans on the go. Denefits can be accessed using mobile and web applications. The applications are user-friendly and simple to use.

Hassle-Free Payment Plans

Payment plans your patients without having to worry about credit checks, approval process, and hidden fees.

Denefits Mobile Applications

Denefits can be accessed on a mobile application. Mobile applications are available for IOS and Android platforms both. Just visit the app store/ play store and install the application.

How to Use the Mobile Application

Once you log in, you can see four tabs at the bottom of the page, which are Contracts, Earning, Account, and Support. A screenshot of the app can be seen below for reference.

Let’s go through them one by one.


When you click on the Contracts tab at the bottom, you can see the contracts of each patient enrolled in Denefits patient payment plans. One patient can have one or more than one contract depending upon the treatments for which she is enrolled. You can click on each contract to see the details for that particular treatment/procedure of the patient. You can also see the total number of contracts at the top.


This tab shows everything about your payment plans numbers & money. Check your cashback balance, expected cashback, and pending cashback. 

  1. Cashback Balance: Shows you the cashback in your wallet. You get $5 cashback for each patient enrolled in patient payment plans after you receive the first recurring payment from them. Click on Cashback Balance and you will see the Total cashback Earned by you.
  2. Expected Cashback: It is the cashback that you are about to receive once you receive the first recurring payments from new patients.
  3. Pending Cashback: It is the cashback earned by you. Once it crosses a value of $50, we will send a cheque to you for the actual amount via cheque. You can click on view details to see details of your cashback per patient. Click on back arrow to go back to Earnings.
  4. Add a New Patient: When you wish to payment plans a new patient, you can click on user sign on right top of the screen. Fill in the details like the treatment cost, interest rate, down-payment and click next. Then you can verify the payment details, add patient details & you are done.
  5. Total payment Plans Amount: This is the total amount of money you have payment plans all your patients for till date. This includes data of all your Denefits patients.
  6. Total Active Contracts: Here you can see the number of contracts for which you are expecting payments. This can be more than the number of patients as one patient can have more than one contract.
  7. Total Active Patients: Here, you can see the total number of patients from whom payments are still expected.
  8. Total Down-Payments: This shows you the total down-payment you have received from all your patients so far.
  9. Expected Payouts: This number shows you the amount of money you can expect to receive on the next recurring date.
  10. Average Payment Plans Amount: This is the average payment plans amount per patient. This value shows you the average sum of value, you payment plans your patients for.


This tab shows your specialty, practice name, date of birth, and phone number. You can also change your password using the change password button. Press on Logout in case you wish to log out.


This tab is used to get in touch with Denefits support team. You can click on the email id to send us an email. Alternatively, you can also call us on 1-(833)-336 3348 to give us a call. Plus, we have uploaded a patient payment plans form that you can use to enroll patients in Denefits patient payment plans.


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