How to Get Affordable Dental Treatment?

How much does a dental implant cost

Everyone in this world desires a beautiful smile, but when you are having a dental problem, it gets a bit difficult. A dental issue can affect your mood as well. Dental treatments are known to cause a hole in the pocket. In the most recent research, Dental tourism in India enabled international patients to save up to 70% cost of dental treatment. India is a suitable destination for Dental Implants to save without compromising on health and quality. Almost 150,000 people travel to India every year to get low-priced medical treatment

The trend “dental tourism” can also be called a dental vacation as you can explore the country along with the treatment. In comparison to the UK, US, Canada, or any other developed country, Dental Implant Cost is 75% cheaper in India than in other countries. Patient satisfaction regarding the quality of the treatment is also considered. India is also one of the favorite travel destinations in the world. Which is rich in culture and has lots of beautiful places to visit like the Taj Mahal, India Gate, Charminar, Red Fort, etc. Unlike other medical procedures, dental treatments or surgeries take less time, and also the recovery time is very minimal, hence a tourist can enjoy a holiday in India to the fullest.

If you are looking for economical and trusted dental services you can seek the option to visit India. You will be treated by highly qualified and experienced professionals. We at Dr. Madhvi’s Nagpal Clinic provide all the dental treatments including root canal treatment, veneers, and bridges, dental implant, toothcolored crowns, fixed teeth, laser dentistry, complete dentures, smile makeover, and removable partial denture. Here we can arrange for your travel and dental service at a very competitive price. So, Come, let us redesign your smile considering all the health aspects and save up to 80% of the treatments.

Tips to Save Money on Dental Care

1. Participate in Medical Studies

Many universities and organizations do research specifically on dental conditions and different treatment methods. For example, clinical trials are often developed to test the quality of new treatment drugs, and in order to test the drugs’ quality and impact on the dental condition, researchers need volunteers. Therefore, you can consider participating as a medical volunteer in exchange for free dental services, such as cleaning or having a wisdom tooth extracted.

You must be aware that the nature of the medical care you desire is often relevant to the field being studied, so be sure to find a clinical trial that is ready to provide the type of medical care that you desire. Find out a list of clinical trials in your local area with the help of The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research.

2. Use Free or Low-Cost Dental Providers

Many dental payment plans provide their services to patients who are not enrolled by any insurance company, and operate on a sliding scale, meaning they will set their rates according to your income.

You can find locate dentists that operate on a sliding scale just by doing some research online or contacting charitable institutes that help improve local communities is a good place to start. Another way is to get in touch with your state’s dental association; their contact information may be found on the website of the American Dental Association (ADA).

3. Enroll in Dental Patient payment plans 

Enrolling with patient payment plans is easy, you can enter into a no credit check dental financing payment plan, which allows you to pay treatment costs into easy monthly payments. Search for practices that offer Denefits patient payment plans in your area or call Denefits Dental payment plans and they will help you find a practice near you.

4. Use the Services of Dental Students

Dental students need to volunteer for patients to get experience before they can graduate and be licensed. You can help them gain experience and in return, they will offer you affordable dental services. Students get proper supervision under licensed dentists or dental professionals. Visit the ADA online to find dental schools in your area and also to get more clarity.

5. Engage in “Dental Tourism”

In some countries, you can get the same dental treatment at a low cost as compared to the United States. Traveling can be very expensive, but it may be worthwhile In case of need expensive operation. However, before undergoing such a treatment option make sure to consult with a local dentist who can guide you in decision-making.

6. Exchange Services

If you have a unique skill-set, you can exchange your services with a doctor for the dental treatment you need. For example, you are a qualified accountant, digital marketer, and web designer, who can help the business gain exposure around the city or state. You may be able to exchange your desired services for dental care. Search bartering websites to find such opportunities.

7. Become Employee for Dental Benefits

Many companies offer health benefits to both full half-time employees. Join them as part-time employees and enjoy health insurance benefits. As long as you meet the minimum number of hours worked required each month, you can qualify for dental and other health insurance.

8. Use Government Resources

Many governmental institutions are set up to help low-income and uninsured patients who are in need of emergency care. These institutes also include the list of Health Resources and Administration Services (HRSA), which is very beneficial for uninsured citizens or those who are at high risk of developing health problems to find help. HRSA must-have list of low-cost dental providers in your locality you may be eligible to use.

9. Get a Second Opinion

It may not always be possible to save money on your dental bills. Therefore, you should seek an alternate opinion that your dentist recommends you because why pay for major or expensive work if it can get done at an affordable cost. Simply save money by not paying for something that isn’t crucial.

10. Visit a Nonprofit Organization

Always prefer to register non-profit institutions that offer free or dental financing. For instance, in such events, dentists donate their time and equipment to provide dental treatment to those who can’t otherwise afford it.

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