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Every year, millions of Americans want to improve their appearance and boost their self-confidence. Yet, the high cost of aesthetic treatments turns out to be a huge deterrent. Their wish to improve their looks and body positivity remains unfulfilled.

Common Costs of Various Med Spa Treatments:

  • Microneedling: $300-$1,000
  • Microblading: $325-$925
  • Fillers: $475-$1,000
  • Body Contouring: $250-$3,400
  • MiraDry: $1,950-$2,950
  • Hair Regeneration: $900-$2,650

It should be noted that the estimates provided above do not reflect the prices offered by every individual medical spa. Patients will be charged different prices based on preexisting health conditions, the time required to complete their procedures, necessary medications, and the costs of products used on them. Prices will also differ depending on the expertise, credentials, and ratings of the individual completing aesthetic treatments.

Advantages of Med Spa Payment Plans

Businesses Benefits

1. Don’t have to turn away customers

Potential clients who cannot afford to pay for their procedures upfront, or do not qualify for other types of financing, need different payment options. If your business does not offer flexible patient financing services, your potential patients will find alternative med spas that do. In short, med spa businesses can keep old and new customers happy by offering in-house financing!

2. More business from previous customers and a greater influx of new customers

When prospective clients can afford a business’s services, they will be more likely to book an appointment. If they are impressed by the quality of the med spa procedures they receive as well as the flexible payment plan options available to them, they will become loyal patients. They'll continue to visit the same med spa for years. Devoted patients will share free word-of-mouth advertising to those around them, bringing a med spa treatment financing business to even more patients.

3. Given control of financing

Businesses set their own med spa treatment costs, which may allow them to feel more comfortable long-term. Additionally, companies that offer in-house financing can determine the prerequisites, down payment costs, terms, APRs, and due dates of payment plans. Setting your own conditions allows you to create a monetary safety net that can give you peace of mind. With many patients having in-house financing, the impact of a single patient defaulting will reduce, meaning that a business will not have to close its doors if a few patients fail to make timely payments.

4. Cash flow increases

More patients mean more profits for your business! As your business gains more surplus income, you get more freedom to expand, hire new employees, raise wages, and offer a greater number of specialized services. This is cyclical in that obtaining more customers means earning more expendable income, which can be used to acquire even more customers and secure the ability to grow a business.

Patients’ Benefits

1. Get as many procedures as they feel necessary

Patients who sign-up for in-house financing can make affordable monthly payments on the procedures they have completed. This means that patients can get more services at the same time because they do not have to save up to pay for each service upfront.

2. Can get access to high-quality med spa treatments

The expenses charged by a med spa generally reflect the quality of its services. A plastic surgeon’s credentials, years of experience, and other qualifications determine the costs they charge patients. In-house financing allows patients to access more costly and better-quality aesthetic treatments from well-respected med spas. Overall, the financial burden of getting work done is reduced when patients can create in-house payment plans.

3. Credit scores increase if payments are made on time

It’s simple! If patients make payments on time, their credit scores will steadily rise. This will eventually allow those with poor credit to access a more significant number of financing options and borrow larger sums of money in the future as their credit score increases.

4. It only takes a few minutes to establish an in-house payment plan

Patients can get almost instant access to traditional and hybrid forms of in-house med spa financing. If they meet the qualifications required to get in-house customer financing through the med spa they visit, it can take less than a day for the med spa to approve them for an in-house payment plan. If medspa uses a third-party company, such as Denefits, to offer in-house financing, a payment plan can be created in a shorter amount of time. Opposingly, big banks and traditional lenders can take weeks to tell patients whether or not they qualify for financing.

Financial Companies That Provide Med Spa Payment Plans

VIP Consumer Financing

This company allows patients with credit scores as low as 520 to access financing. This credit score prerequisite is much lower than more prominent lending agencies such as Care Credit or Lending Club, which require applicants to have good or excellent credit to qualify for financing. VIP Consumer Financing approves qualifying patients quickly, enabling them to undergo med spa treatments as soon as possible. 

This company not only benefits med spas because it brings in more business but also because it pays med spa patient financing upfront,  as a loan or credit card provider would. This means that companies who partner with VIP Consumer Financing do not risk losing money via chargebacks or when patients default.


Denefits creates hybrid in-house payment plan contracts between a service provider and their patient or customers. It accepts 100% of payment plan applicants regardless of their credit standings. This is because the company does not pay a practice upfront when a service is completed, as other financing companies would. Instead, Denefits pays med spas as they receive monthly payments from patients with payment plans.

Establishing a payment plan makes med spa financing services more accessible and affordable for patients. Denefits’ payment plans can undoubtedly help med spas acquire new patients and maintain long-running relationships with previous patients because of the loyalty resulting from their mutually beneficial relationship. Businesses using Denefits to finance their patients get to keep the total amount of down payments, which can be used as protection to cover overhead costs.

Denefits generally offer an interest rate of 20%. Yet, some patients can get even lower APRs for longer repayment terms. The above rates are highly competitive compared to other financing options, particularly for patients with bad credit standings. Denefits APRs are set rates that do not change once contracts have been set. With Denefits, interest does not compound. These precautions protect patients from the hidden fees or randomly occurring charges that many financial companies use as money-earning tactics. Patients can apply for payment plans in just a few minutes to get the financing they need for medical care. 

With the help of Denefits, there is no need for your med spa to have a personal billing department or turn away prospective clients. Visit to discover how your med spa business can earn more money today!