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Active partners

We champion growth for all

Introducing the Tier System

Sub-Partners up to 10 tier

With our unique tier system, you have the power to grow exponentially as you bring in sub-partners.

Earn commissions from all tier’s

Earn from your entire network's success, maximizing your potential as you contribute to your sub-partners' achievements.

No Limits on commission earned

You have the opportunity to earn unlimited commissions based on performance, sales, or referrals.

Calculate Your Commission

What is your monthly target for registering or onboarding businesses into the program?

Please enter a value between 1 & 20.
1 20

How many payment plans is each business expected to generate monthly?

Please enter a value between 1 & 20.
1 20

What is the anticipated average monthly recurring amount for each payment plan?

Please enter a value between 1 & 2000.
$1 $2000

Refer sub-partners and earn additional commissions

How many partners could you add under your partner account each month?

Please enter a value between 1 & 10.
1 10

Amazing! You Will Earn

First Month Commission

First Month Commission from your Businesses
First Month Commission from sub-partners

*If you continue adding the following numbers each month

  • Avg. Reccuring

*We assume your sub partners will add same number of businesses, payment plans and add sub partners under their account at each tier.

Your Year End Commission Will Be

Your Year End Commission Will Be

Know how we are calculating?

Refer Partners, Earn Commission!

Refer sub-partners and earn additional commissions

A wealth of supportive resources

Get Free Training & Resources

Training Sessions

Our goal is to equip all our partners with training necessary to effectively promote and represent Denefits.

Schedule your training session soon after registration

Marketing Material

Count on us for all the creative support you need. Our partnership extends beyond just application approval.

Access resources directly from your partner panel

Exclusive to all our partners

Dedicated Landing Pages

Mobile-friendly landing pages

A seamless user experience across devices with a personalized digital front—strengthening your connection with potential clients.

Multiple Templates

A range of landing page options, each tailored to help you make the most of your efforts.

Earn Unique Badges

You earn a unique badge, symbolizing your expertise and achievements of our program.

Unlimited Commission Awaits You!

Interested in partnering with Denefits

Now is the opportune moment to propel your business forward, all while making a positive and impactful difference in your industry.

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