Buy Now Pay Later – an Easy Integration That Can Boost Your Website Engagement and Your Bottom Line

Buy Now Pay Later

Software applications for payment processing have made huge advancements over time and are now the backbone of every business. 

As of late, purchasing items and paying for them later is becoming more popular and many companies are starting to follow suit. 

The “Buy Now Pay Later” service is popular because customers can purchase things they need and then finance them on a payment plan. Buying at the moment and paying later is altering the business space with no plan of stopping anytime soon.  

In 2022, your business will thrive from integrating a Buy Now Pay Later option into your existing website! It will benefit any business that wants to offer financing by handling everything for you. We have outlined the benefits of integrating this software and how easy it is to use. 

What You Need to Know About Integrating Buy Now Pay Later

Financing purchases is not a new thing since 70% of Americans use credit cards every year for that exact reason. This is troubling because credit card interest rates are typically higher, so consumers end up paying a lot more in the long run when financing with them. 

Buy Now Pay Later is different because it involves financing, but is easier and less volatile compared to using credit cards. Using this method, companies often charge little to no interest and try to help the customers pay off their purchase sooner.

Integrating this option into any business website will set them apart from one another because it brings more customers that would have otherwise been turned away. By keeping the customer on the website, the potential for business increases compared to them finding outside financing. Integrating payment plan software is what is needed for businesses to grow and thrive. 

How Payment Plan Integration will Benefit Your Business

Ease of Financing

According to Business wire, 76% of consumers are more likely to purchase something online if the business offers a payment plan. Looking at products and services on a website can be daunting, but the Buy Now Pay Later option makes people feel more comfortable and see that the purchase is possible. 

For example, someone might want to redesign the landscaping in their yard but can’t afford it. When they see that pay later financing option, their dream backyard becomes a reality and makes them trust your business more. Having that option will also make customers purchase your product or service before they can go look at a competitor’s pricing since you have everything they need. 

By having more options for your customers, you can reach more people and make sales that originally would not have been possible. Setting up a Buy Now Pay Later option using Denefits is available for your business.

More Business

With having a Buy Now Pay Later option, people would have much more purchasing power on your website any time of the day. For some businesses, online orders can only be placed during their operating hours because there needs to be an employee to put a quote together. 

Implementing a Denefits Buy Now Pay Later button on your website can generate quotes and pricing for customers and handle their purchases 24/7. This makes it so your business doesn’t need to sleep when you do and is always up and running. 

Using this payment plan software will also improve your customer engagement, leading to better SEO standings, and therefore improving your rank on Google. This is because customers will stay on your website for longer due to your site having everything they need and not requiring them to go elsewhere for financing. 

With a higher Google rank, your website will be able to be seen quicker by consumers which will lead to more sales. This higher rank will also help get others to refer people to your site because they know your business is reputable and offers to finance customers, making it more appealing for them. 

How to Integrate This Software 

Website integration is an easy task that anyone can get done. All it takes is embedding a small bit of code into your website to create a new button. This code can be inserted by our team at Denefits or by anyone who manages your website! 

This is an easy task that many companies have the capability of taking advantage of to increase their customer satisfaction. It streamlines the process of people finding the help and resources they need by making any website one complete stop for any business. 

Integrate Denefits with Your Business

Using software integration, Denefits can be implemented into your business and company platform. 

Denefits offers faster integration that is ready to go for any business. With Denefit’s unique payment plans, customers can buy at that moment and pay later on, keeping their focus on you. This allows our payment resources to be accessed by customers without them having to find the resources on their own. By doing so, it will allow any business to try and streamline the process of providing payment options to others. Your business will benefit from the services that Denefits offers while integrating the software into your website. Request a callback today if you want to learn more.

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