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DeneFi: Customer Financing
DenePay: One-Time Payments
DeneBill: Automated Collections

Denefits Partner Program

As part of the Denefits Partner Program, you can connect businesses in any industry to Denefits innovative payment solutions. Once they enroll, you can earn monthly recurring revenue on all financing, payment processing, and automated collections payments that the business earns.

Your earning potential with Denefits referrals is unlimited.

What is Denefits?

Denefits is a Complete Payment Options system for any business.

We created our software to solve the problems businesses face with customer financing, payment processing, and billing. Our software gives businesses the power of choice, protection, and security.

DeneFi: Customer Financing

DeneFi helps businesses turn their missed opportunities into extra profit. We guarantee payments, so businesses get the exact amount they finance their customer for, with no service fee. DeneFi works great along with traditional lenders, to make sure businesses can take on any customer.

DenePay: One-Time Payments

DenePay gives businesses the power of choice: to share or pass on the transaction fee with their customers. With DenePay, our process is simple and transparent, so businesses will always know how much the transaction fee is. Businesses can receive remote payments from anywhere, on any device, with no equipment, contracts, or maintenance fees required.

DeneBill: Automated Collections

Businesses bring over their existing past due accounts and we will handle the collection process. DeneBill will send recurring reminders until the customer makes their payment. With DeneBill, businesses can add their existing accounts and send out bills in under a minute.

DeneFi: Customer Financing

The Problems:

Traditional Financing
  • Lenders qualify less than half of all applicants.
  • 50% qualification means 50% less revenue.
  • The concept of the credit score suppresses customers who need the most help.

Our Solution:

  • DeneFi can help businesses take advantage and turn their missed opportunities into extra profit
  • Businesses can create custom payment plans for your customers.
  • With DeneFi, businesses enjoy a 0% service fee, get the exact amount they finance their customer for, and can keep 100% of the down payment.
  • There are no credit checks for customers, and we guarantee payments for businesses.
  • DeneFi works great along with traditional lenders.

How to use denefi to finance a customer in 3 easy steps:

DenePay: One-Time Payments

The Problems:

Standard Payment Processing
  • Credit card companies charge merchants whatever they want, and merchants have no choice but to abide.
  • Businesses lose money on EVERY credit card transaction.
  • The whole system is kept purposely complicated to distract businesses from the hidden fees.

Our Solution:

DenePay No Fee Payment Processing
  • For customers making a onetime payment for any services or products.
  • A simple and transparent process: businesses will always know how much the transaction fee is.
  • Businesses get the choice to share or pass on the transaction fee with the customer.
  • Businesses can receive Instant Payouts directly.

How to use denepay to process a payment in 3 easy steps:

DeneBill: Automated Collections

The Problems:

Carrying Accounts Receivable
  • Administrative costs: Businesses need to hire accountants or collection services, and pay for postage, paper billing, and payment processing.
  • Time costs: Businesses need to spend hours managing accounts and calling customers to collect.
  • Opportunity costs: When a customer delays payments, the business cannot use that money for investments to generate additional revenue.

Our Solution:

No Fee Automated Accounts Receivable
  • No service fee.
  • We handle collection of overdue payments.
  • We manage accounts for businesses.
  • Our system will send recurring reminders to the customer until they make their payment.
  • Save time and money: Businesses no longer need to send paper invoices and wait for payments.
  • Streamlined process: Businesses can easily bulk upload all existing accounts. Send bills in under a minute.

How to use denebill in 3 easy steps:

Commission Matrix for Payment Processing with DenePay and DeneBill*

*Commissions are earned from payments through DenePay and DeneBill

Commission Matrix for Customer Financing with DeneFi*

*Combined from all your enrolled businesses

API Integration

API Integration

Businesses can integrate denefits into their software and business process with api

  • Denefits provides API Integration for any businesses that want to use the Denefits engine within their software.

  • Businesses can use the Denefits API to make their own tools and applications for financing, contactless payments, and billing.

  • Whitelabeling is available for any business that wants to use the Denefits system under their own brand.

  • Businesses can integrate Denefits into their business process within days to get started as soon as possible.

How to Get Started with a Free Partner Account

Step 3: Share Your Affiliate Link

  • You can share your unique Affiliate Link with the new businesses you refer.

  • Then the business owner will use your link to enroll with Denefits.

  • The link will show that you referred the new business, so you can receive your commissions.

At Denefits, our mission is to provide Complete Payment Options for everyone. As a Denefits partner, you’ll be an essential part of our movement to provide fair solutions for payment processing and financing — for both businesses and customers.

Your earning potential as a Denefits partner is unlimited. We look forward to working with you and building a successful partnership together.

Warm Regards,
The Denefits Team

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