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Partner Program Overview
No Fee Financing - Guaranteed Payments
In-House Financing - Keep Your Own Interest

Denefits Partner Program

As a Denefits partner, you play the exciting role of introducing businesses in any industry to our innovative payment solutions. Once a business is enrolled, you’ll earn monthly recurring revenue on all payments that business earns through Denefits. Denefits doesn’t have any commission caps, so your earning potential is unlimited.

What is Denefits?

Denefits is a Complete Payment Options system for any business.

With our core features, No-Fee Financing and In-House Financing, our software helps businesses offer obtainable financing to their customers. By adding an obtainable financing option, businesses can have a broader appeal to more customers.

We created our software to be a win-win-win for businesses, customers, and partners.

We created our software to solve the problems businesses face with customer financing, payment processing, and billing. Our software gives businesses the power of choice, protection, and security.

No-Fee Financing - Guaranteed Payments

With No-Fee Financing, Denefits helps businesses take advantage and turn their missed opportunities into recurring revenue. Utilizing Denefits, businesses can provide financing to any customer without any credit checks. With No-Fee Financing, if a payment is missed, Denefits will take on the debt and guarantee a business’s payment. Denefits has paid out over $200K to just one business.

In-House Financing - Keep Your Own Interest

Denefits In-House Financing gives businesses the tools they need to finance like traditional lenders do while profiting from accumulated interest and fees. Using In-House Financing, businesses are in complete control of their financed contracts. If a payment is missed, Denefits will collect on their behalf.

No-Fee Financing

  • Denefits GUARANTEES payments.
  • Businesses get paid the value of their service in monthly payments.
  • If a payment is missed, Denefits will provide businesses the money they’re owed.

In-House Financing

  • Businesses are in complete control of their financed contracts.
  • Businesses earn interest and profit from any late and payment extension fees.
  • If a payment is missed, Denefits will collect on the business’s behalf.

Denefits—A Perfect Hybrid

Helping businesses win

  • By providing obtainable financing, no hard work or money goes to waste on missed customer opportunities.
  • Businesses can double the value of their services while also providing them to more customers.
  • Earning from missed customer opportunities means businesses can only ADD to their monthly revenue.

Helping customers win

  • Customers are 76% more likely to buy if they have access to obtainable financing.
  • No matter their circumstances, customers are instantly approved, which helps prevent their situation from getting worse.
  • Customers have the opportunity to improve their overall credit score while paying off their contracts.

Helping partners win

  • Denefits partners receive monthly commissions on all transactions a business makes using Denefits.
  • Denefits has no commission cap, so partners have unlimited earning potential.
  • Denefits is free to use and helps businesses earn more revenue, so the system sells itself.

No-Fee Financing

The Problems:

Traditional Financing
  • Credit scores suppress the most vulnerable and keep them from improving their financial situation.
  • Lenders tend to qualify less than half of all applicants.
  • When customers are denied financing, businesses miss the opportunity to earn additional revenue.

Our Solution:

No-Fee Financing
  • Denefits enables businesses to finance anyone, so they’ll never have to turn away a customer again.
  • With No-Fee Financing, businesses get back the exact amount they finance a customer for, and get to keep 100% of their down payment.
  • Denefits guarantees customers’ payments, so if a payment is missed, Denefits will take on the debt and give businesses the money they’re owed.

How to use Denefits to finance a customer in 3 easy steps:

In-House Financing

The Problems:

Traditional In-House Financing
  • Traditional in-house financing doesn’t provide businesses the required security to safely finance customers.
  • Businesses must handle all interest calculations, disputes, chargebacks, and collections by themselves.
  • Manually collecting payments, handling contract changes, and collecting money owed can quickly become overwhelming.

Our Solution:

In-House Financing With Denefits
  • In-House Financing by Denefits gives businesses the software they need to finance like traditional lenders do while profiting from all accumulated late and extension fees.
  • With In-House Financing, businesses are able to set and keep all interest from their customers’ contracts.
  • Denefits will provide an entire support team that will act as a business’s billing department should any disputes arise.

With a fixed interest rate, In-House Financing by Denefits can double a business’s revenue.

Commission Matrix for Payment Processing

*Commissions are earned from Payment Processing and Accounts Receivable

Commission Matrix for Customer Financing

*Combined from all your enrolled businesses

API Integration

API Integration

Integrate denefits into your software and
business process with api

  • Denefits provides API Integration for any businesses that want to use the Denefits engine within their software.

  • Businesses can use the Denefits API to make their own tools and applications for financing, contactless payments, and billing.

  • Whitelabeling is available for any business that wants to use the Denefits system under their own brand.

  • Businesses can integrate Denefits into their business process within days to get started as soon as possible.

How to Get Started with a Free Partner Account

Step 3: Share Your Affiliate Link

  • You can share your unique Affiliate Link with the new businesses you refer.

  • Then the business owner will use your link to enroll with Denefits.

  • The link will show that you referred the new business, so you can receive your commissions.

At Denefits, our mission is to provide obtainable financing for everyone. As a Denefits partner, you’ll be an essential part of our movement to provide fair solutions for common financing problems—for both businesses and customers.

Your earning potential is unlimited as a Denefits partner. We look forward to working with you and building a successful partnership together.

Warm Regards,
The Denefits Team

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