About The Program

The Denefits partner program is for anyone who wishes to help increase awareness of Denefits worldwide and earn monthly recurring revenue from referrals. As a Denefits partner, you can earn a percentage share for every finance contract created by businesses you enroll. Our program features true automated payments so partners can receive daily payouts. The program offers unlimited earning potential for partners.
To see how much you can earn as an authorized Denefits partner, use the Partners Commission Calculator below.

Range Value: $1000 - $10000
Range Value: 0% - 50%
Range Value: 12 month - 60 month
Range Value: 1% - 50%
Range Value: 1 - 200
Range Value: 1 - 500

Monthly Sales Commission

Sales Commission Table

Increase revenue wit Denefits

Attractive Revenue: No Strings Attached

Denefits’ unique and reliable approach offers business partners the opportunity to reach revenue goals in a short time. We help all partners, respect their work and reward them with an attractive partner commission.

income with Denefits

But what is there for you!

Now, anyone can make extra income by working as a Partner of Denefits. Here is the opportunity to sell Denefits to anyone around the United States or Canada and we give you a handsome commission.

What you need to do

Introduce Denefits system to any Doctor across the USA or Canada. Explain the features and benefits. You may give a demo. If they like to buy it, they can buy it from you.

In exchange:

  • Our sales team is prepared to provide you with full sales and marketing support
  • Our online partner portal includes features that will make your order process smooth
  • The partner program structure offers you everything that you may need to sell our software

How to Become a Partner

Become a Member

partner signup with Denefits

Sign up by filling the Denefits Partner Registration form. Fill all the details and the system will automatically generate a unique Partner ID for you

Get Product Training

order financing with Denefits

We will provide you training of Denefits so you are well equipped with the tools to be a part of the movement to change medical industry.

Start Earning

Financing Solutions for Businesses

Combine our software with your marketing, make more informed recommendations, and start earning endless revenue.

Download the Denefits Partners Mobile App

Finance customers from any location using our mobile app. Easy. Fast. Reliable.

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