What Happens if you take a break from Dentistry?

You lose money of course! What happens when an Insurance Company goes on vacation? They still make money! What’s the difference? Monthly Recurring Premium Payments! With denefits®, you now have a way to administer and manage your own Private Dental Plans with our Sophisticated yet Simple software!

Patient Portal

Your patients can login and view their coverage, upgrade plans or add family members. Patients can see how much coverage they have used and what they have left.

Patient ID Cards

Once a patient signs up for your private plan, patients will be emailed an electronic ID card with new Log on information for patients.

Recurring Payments

Automatic recurring payments for your premiums straight to your bank account. No need to worry about things like change of address, changed CVC codes or expiration dates.

Patient Relationship Manager

Manage patient needs. Keep track of patient follow-ups. Compare private plans to make it easier for patients to choose what is best for them. Track calls and emails to patients!

Network of Specialists

Do you refer some procedures to specialists? You can refer your patients to the top specialists in the denefits® network. See their discounted prices and ratings so you can choose the right specialist for your patient. Specialists are handpicked and the best in their field.

Monthly Payments

Get your payouts every month! We even provide a countdown of when the payout will be made!

Create Unlimited Plans

Create as many plans as you want. Create individual plans or small business plans. Deactivate old plans and adjust current plans.

Doctor Dashboard

Get a full overview of everything that is going on with your practice. denefits® gives you all the information you need all in one place. It's Easy to understand and Easy to use!

Email Marketing

Send emails that matter to the right patients. Track procedure history of all denefits® patients and send customized email marketing campaigns. Send special discounts to patients that need an extra push to enroll in your Private Dental Plans!

Easy Patient Setup

denefits® Software makes it simple for you to add your patients to your private dental plan. You can even add family members of your patients and grow your revenue even more.

Manage Your Fee Schedule

Dentists and Specialists can easily update their own fee schedules. Pricing changes will be reflected automatically in your new calculations!

Easy Analytics

Keep track of numbers. Easily access your monthly revenue, private dental plan subscribers, financed patient lists, missed payments, new referrals and more!