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Reasons Why You Should Take Care of Your Skin

If we could stay young forever, we’d be living the dream. Although that’s impossible, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and looking young is possible. 

One of the most significant reasons we look old is our skin. It is the largest organ of our body, which covers us from head to toe. If we don’t prioritize our skin, the rest of our body won’t do its greatest either. Learn all about it in this blog and easy patient financing options to get your necessary treatment.

It’s a given fact that if we look good, we automatically feel good about ourselves. Maintaining healthy skin ultimately comes down to a healthy lifestyle. Your hair, oral hygiene, and physical activity contribute to having healthy skin. 

Why is Skincare Important?


Skincare helps prevent the occurrence of acne, wrinkles, dehydration, blemishes, and other issues. Your skin sheds daily. If you’ve got amazing, well-hydrated skin today, that might not be the case tomorrow. Without a proper skincare routine, your future cells can be dehydrated and full of imperfections. 

How you treat your skin now will result in the way it looks over the years. Those who spend excessive time in the sun have a higher chance of suffering from skin cancer. Using sunscreens with high SPF is essential for prevention. 


Here is the neck of a 92-year-old woman who used UV protective moisturizers on her face but not on her neck for 40+ years. The difference between the two is beyond words. 

It’s evident what skincare can do for you. Having a proper routine can save your skin from damage and early aging. Overall, it’s a confidence booster. Skin is probably one of the first things you notice about someone when you look at their face. Poor skin tone, blemishes, or fine lines play a significant role in self-esteem. 

Healthy skin helps you face the world with boosted energy and confidence. Makeup cannot permanently hide blemishes or cover up dull/sagging skin. The face you present every day sets the tone for your life. There may be days when your skin looks flawless, making you feel more content and confident. 

Having healthy skin also makes you more social. When your skin health is under control, you don’t have to think twice about your appearance or face insecurities. It puts you in a position where socializing with others becomes second nature.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, the mask mandate had everyone hiding behind it. Some people continue to choose to wear a mask, not for preventative purposes but to hide their faces and insecurities. It shows how people can be uncomfortable in their skin and choose to hide it to avoid embarrassment. 

Everyone’s skin is different. Some people do the bare minimum and get away with having flawless skin, while others require a few more steps to maintain a balance. 

There are five types of skin - normal, dry, oily, combination, and sensitive. Understanding which skin type you fall under can be a bit confusing, but with the help of a dermatologist, you can determine it. 

The same skincare routine doesn’t work for everybody. You must incorporate certain products based on your skin’s needs since certain skin conditions require different treatments.  

Here’s a list of a few common treatments people get for healthy skin: 

  • Microdermabrasion - It works to remove age spots and acne scars. Tiny crystals are sprayed onto the face and immediately vacuumed, along with dead skin cells, to exfoliate the face. 
  • Chemical Peels - Used to correct skin irregularities in texture, such as fine lines, color, and spots caused by sun damage. 
  • Laser Resurfacing - Stimulates the production of collagen and new skin cells in the underlying layers of the skin. It also removes the outer layers of the skin that are damaged. 
  • Laser Skin Rejuvenation - An advanced wrinkle removal treatment that uses infrared light to tighten the skin without surgery. The laser light stimulates collagen and tightens the skin. 
  • Acne Blue Light Therapy - For moderate acne that does not respond to other facial skincare treatments. Works by targeting the bacteria that causes acne to help achieve clear skin. 
  • Thermage - It is a non-exfoliating facial rejuvenation technique to tighten, improve, and contour the face and neck. A radio frequency device heats the deeper layers of the skin, stimulating new collagen development. 

These treatments are easily accessible through a dermatologist or spa. If you are worried about affording them, don’t. Denefits’ guaranteed financing for skincare can help you get the care you need. You can transform your skin without worrying about significant side effects through one of these treatments. 

However, there are specific things to consider if you’re trying to improve your skin’s health. That’s because many contributors affect its current state.

1. Diet 


The food you consume will show through your skin. Foods that contribute to oxidative stress include high fats, sugars, and processed ingredients. Instead, you must consume foods that are rich in antioxidants and Omega-3. Incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet to ensure you receive all the minerals and vitamins your skin needs. Green tea is one of the most prominent anti-aging beverages you can consume.

2. Sun Exposure


As mentioned earlier, excessive sun exposure can cause a lot of damage to the skin. Wrinkles, dark spots, and discoloration are all effects of long-term sun exposure. But using quality sunscreen regularly can save you from all these long-term effects, including skin cancer.

3. Smoking 


Most people know that smoking is unhealthy. It can also cause severe damage to the skin. When you smoke, the blood vessels in the outer layer of your skin compress. Smoke deprives your skin of the nutrients and oxygen it needs, which is why it begins to wrinkle faster. 

4. Sleep 


Lack or poor quality of sleep can cause premature skin aging. Aiming for about 7 to 8 hours of sleep will help your skin repair and rejuvenate itself. With proper rest, your skin will produce more collagen and maintain tightness. 

5. Hydration 


If your skin feels dry, itchy, or flaky, that’s because of dehydration. Drinking water will benefit every aspect of your body, including your skin. Ensure you wash your face with warm or cold water instead of hot. Avoid harsh soaps and use moisturizer daily to maintain moisture in your skin. 

6. Stress 


Stress can negatively impact your skin because it releases cortisol. It causes the skin's collagen and elastin to break down, which can cause wrinkles. Finding a way to de-stress and relax can prevent premature skin aging and decrease the cortisol produced in your body. Going for a long walk, doing yoga, or talking to a friend are all ways that might help one deal with stress. 

7. Choosing the Right Products


The products you use on your skin could either be nourishing or damaging. If you are unaware of the products your skin needs, your entire skincare routine could be a waste of time. 

Quality skincare products can sometimes be costly but are worth the investment. Consulting with a dermatologist can help you get on the right track if you want to implement an effective skincare routine or improve your current condition. 

A dermatologist will examine your skin to see what type of combination you have. If you have a condition or are dealing with scarring, acne, or wrinkles, the dermatologist will be able to determine what type of treatment you require. 

Many avoid visiting a dermatologist and miss out on the benefits due to the lack of funds. Luckily, through Denefits, you can finance your bills and start your skincare routine immediately. 


With Denefits, you don’t have to worry about paying upfront for examinations, treatments, or products. Its flexible payment plans and pay-over-time feature allow you to get the services you need when you need them. Don’t prolong the feeling of having flawless skin and confidence. Take advantage of a professional's help and make changes to your skin’s health! 

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