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Funeral Homes

Paying for a funeral can be an expensive affair. Arranging the necessary amount at short notice can be a stress, especially when you have tons of other things to take care of. That’s where Denefits comes in to make your life easier. You can use Denefits patient financing option to pay for a funeral now and spread the cost over a few months or even years.  

Instant Financing for Funeral Needs
Financing for Funeral Needs
How Denefits Can Help You In Funeral Financing?

Give your loved ones the funeral they deserve with Denefits Funeral Financing. Now you don’t have to settle for something like direct cremation because of lack of funds. Just apply for the financing with Funeral Home and get approved instantly. If your selected Funeral Home does not accept Denefits, you can refer them to us.

Average Cost Of Funeral Homes

Today, the average funeral cost varies from $7,000 to $10,000. This price range includes the services at the funeral home, burial in a cemetery, and the installation of a headstone.  

Here are the average costs of some of the funeral services:

  • fee for the funeral director’s services: $1,500
  • cost for a casket: $2,300
  • embalming: $500
  • cost for using the funeral home for the actual funeral service: $500
  • cost of a grave site: $1,000
  • cost to dig the grave: $600
  • cost of a grave liner or outer burial container: $1,000
  • cost of a headstone: $1,500
Get Financed For A Funeral

Affording a funeral has never been easier. Now you can get financed for a funeral in the event of an unexpected death or those living on a fixed income.

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