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The Problems

Standard Payment Processing
  • Credit card companies charge merchants whatever they want, and merchants have no choice but to abide.
  • Businesses lose money on EVERY credit card transaction.
  • The whole system is kept purposely complicated to distract businesses from the hidden fees.

Our Solution

Denefits No Fee Payment Processing
  • For customers making a one-time payment for any services or products.
  • A simple and transparent process: You will always know how much the transaction fee is.
  • You get the choice to share or pass on the transaction fee with the customer.
  • Receive Instant Payouts directly to your bank account.

The Problems

Carrying Accounts Receivable
  • Administrative costs: Businesses need to hire accountants or collection services, and pay for postage, paper billing, and payment processing.
  • Time costs: Businesses need to spend hours managing accounts and calling customers to collect.
  • Opportunity costs: When a customer delays payments, the business cannot use that money for investments to generate additional revenue.

Our Solution

No Fee Automated Accounts Receivable
  • No service fee.
  • We handle collection of overdue payments.
  • We manage your accounts.
  • Our system will automatically bill out and collect from your existing customers.
  • Save time and money: You no longer need to send paper invoices and wait for payments.
  • Streamlined process: you can bulk upload your Accounts Receivable in our software.

The Problems

Traditional Payment Plans
  • Lenders qualify less than half of total applicants. 50% qualification means 50% less revenue.
  • Businesses are unable to provide their services to customers that are denied by traditional lenders.

Our Solution

Denefits Flexible Payment Plans
  • Denefits opens your business up to a larger customer base than ever before, allowing you to provide flexible payment plans to customers who otherwise couldn’t afford your services.
  • Businesses keep 100% of the down payment.
  • No Credit Check.
  • We GUARANTEE your payments.
  • Use Denefits in conjunction with any Traditional Lenders.

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