The Next Big Launch In Patient Financing Industry By Denefits

Denefits is a leading Patient Financing platform used by aid suppliers across the country. Denefits patients financing provides aid practitioners the facility to refer patients to finance at the facility of service.

Denefits patient financing platform allows thousands of aid suppliers across North America to help make their services affordable to patients by giving them a reasonable financing choice through Denefits. So whether your parents have low credit scores, cannot qualify for financing, or want an extra financing help for a part of their treatment, Denefits will help.

Patients in need of a financing alternative can apply for Denefits patient financing in less than a minute and receive an instant approval in spite of their credit score or credit history.

Social Healthcare Financing

Denefits introduces a new feature

Denefits becomes the primary company in the patient funding market to launch Social Healthcare Payments.  With Denefits Social Healthcare Payments, patients can raise funds for their treatments through friends and family.

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Steps of Social Healthcare Payments:

Step 1: Go to the doctor and get your treatment plan.

Step 2: Get financed.

Step 3: Make Your Payments and get help from friends and family to pay your balance.

With Social Healthcare Payments patients can now do the following:

Make payments through friends and family by sharing a link to their funding page. This link can be shared through social media, email etc and therefore the friends & family will build little payments towards the balance.

For example: If a patient owes $1,000 dollars

If a patient owes $1000, the patient can send a link out via social media to all of their friends and family. Once the link is clicked on, they will be taken to a page where they can donate any amount starting at $5. The payment will then go directly towards their balance due, minus the 10% Denefits fee.

Benefits of Denefits Social Healthcare Payment

With the assistance received through Social Healthcare Contributions, patients will be able to make their payments on time with ease

Balances are paid off quicker to the healthcare provider through friends and family. Awareness of Denefits Patient Financing to thousands of potential future patients because of sharing of links to payment page or funding page of patients already supported.

Less default payments since patient is able to share the balance with family and friends.

Patients receive the assistance they need.

Patients do not incur future late fee charges.

This page can be easily shared with anyone via social media, email and text.

The payment goes straight to the provider.


Other Important Features of Denefits Patient Financing

Denefits offers no credit check financing making healthcare accessible to all patients.

Patients are approved instantly so that they do not have to wait for their treatments.

Denefits offers low-interest financing. There are no dangerous promotional periods. Your patients can use this financing option to spread their treatment cost over months or even years, while you get paid with interest every month.

Note:  Denefits offers patient financing for all types of medical treatments, including chiropractic therapy, dental implants, plastic surgery, and more.

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