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Best Cosmetic Surgery Financing Options

Americans are more concerned about their appearance than ever. Thanks to advancements in cosmetic surgery that help them enhance their physical features.

The most common surgical cosmetic procedures in the country are liposuction, breast augmentation, and tummy tuck for women. On the other hand, men choose to undergo cosmetic surgery to get procedures like liposuction, breast reduction for gynecomastia, and eyelid surgery.

Although cosmetic surgeries are prevalent in the United States, the procedures involve thousands of dollars.


Did you know the average cost of liposuction is more than $2,700 and a facelift surgery could cost you more than $9,000?

A lot of money! Right?

However, this is only the cost of the procedure. One must consider the fees of the surgeon, pre and post-surgery expenses, and other additional costs. In other words, getting cosmetic surgery could mean breaking the bank for many.

If you’re also among the people who can’t afford cosmetic surgery but wish to get one, the good news is there are many options available.

What Are The Best Options To Finance Cosmetic Surgery?


Are you looking for the best option for cosmetic surgery financing? Here’s a list of options available for you. But before choosing the right option, you must know the exact cost to figure out how much money you actually need. It will help you make the best decision while determining a cosmetic surgery financing option.

1. Personal Savings


If you’ve decided to undergo cosmetic surgery, it’s better to start saving up. You can make some lifestyle changes and avoid unnecessary expenses. If you want to enhance your appearance, you’ll find a way to save money and pay out of your pocket to get cosmetic surgery.

2. Insurance


Did you know your healthcare insurance can cover a part of your cosmetic procedure? Yes! You read that right. There are different scenarios under which your insurance company may help finance your cosmetic surgery.

For instance, your doctor recommends getting a nose job to improve breathing or get rid of some breathing issues. Your healthcare insurance would cover a part of the total bill.

Your medical insurance may also cover eyelid surgery. You can claim insurance if you prove that undergoing eyelid surgery has helped you improve your vision. It means you need to convince the insurance company that getting eyelid surgery was a necessity for you and not a want.

3. Loan From Family or Friends


Loan from family or friends is considered one of the best cosmetic surgery financing options. These people love you and would happily help you financially to get your dream body. The other benefit is you can pay them at your convenience after coming to a mutual decision.

4. Credit Cards

Most clinics accept credit cards today. Using a credit card to pay for your cosmetic surgery is yet another alternate option. If the expenses are well within your credit limit and you can pay them back in the given number of days, go for it.

Make sure you call your bank or financial institution to learn about deferred-interest financing for cosmetic procedures if you delay or miss the payment date. Also, don't spend more of your credit line than necessary.

5. Personal Loan


Many people opt to take a personal loan from traditional lenders or banks to get the look they’ve always wanted. But personal loan lenders can charge a significant rate of interest. You’ll also need a good credit score and income to apply for a cosmetic surgery loan. The lender will approve your cosmetic surgery loan within a few days (or weeks), and you’ll be all set to claim your enhanced appearance.

But remember, there are some drawbacks to getting a personal loan to finance your cosmetic surgery. You may end up paying a lot more than what you really owe. This is because of the higher interest rate.

Also, as per your cosmetic surgery payment plan, you are obligated to make the payments on a particular day of every month. This day is decided by the lender. Don’t forget that there may be some penalties if you miss or delay payment.

6. Cosmetic Surgery Financing

The best way to pay for your procedure is to get cosmetic surgery financing from Denefits.

It is a complete payment options software that helps people pay for their cosmetic surgery over easy payment plans. Now, getting cosmetic surgery financing has become easier than ever. If you're looking for an affordable easy patient financing option, Denefits is for you.


Denefits is bridging the gap between accessibility and affordability for those looking forward to enhancing their appearance. Now, you don't have to wait to get the cosmetic procedure of your choice and look more beautiful.

Here's a list of compelling reasons to use Denefits to finance your cosmetic surgery:

  • Fast Approvals: Get approved within a few minutes. While other traditional lenders take days or weeks to get you approved, Denefits approves you instantly. Now, you don't need to wait to undergo the cosmetic procedure and get the desired results. Enjoy guaranteed cosmetic financing with Denefits!
  • No Credit Checks: Did you know poor or low credit score is the main reason why most people get denied financing for cosmetic surgery? But Denefits doesn't run any hard or soft credit checks. This means the software approves everyone no matter what their credit score is. So, cosmetic surgery financing no credit check is now possible with Denefits!
  • Transparent Terms & Conditions: There is no doubt that financial lenders often charge hidden fees or have complex terms. However, Denefits is there to help people to get cosmetic procedures they want without making financing a burden on them. All the terms are easy to understand and have transparent conditions. Enjoy worry-free financing with Denefits!
  • Flexible Payment Plan: Life is unpredictable, and you may miss your payment date. In such cases, Denefits allows you to change your payment date as per your needs. The amazing part is it doesn't charge any referral fee from you. Isn't it wonderful?

These are some of the many reasons that make Denefits the number one choice when it comes to cosmetic surgery financing.

The Final Note

Cosmetic surgery helps to improve your self-image and lift your self-esteem. It changes the way you feel about yourself. Talk to your surgeon to get an idea about the surgery, the total cost, the results you expect, and the healing time. 

If you're having second thoughts about getting a cosmetic procedure, take your time to make the final decision. It’s crucial to never rush into making life-changing decisions. Plan your surgery, take time to recover, and leave cosmetic surgery financing to Denefits.