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What can you earn commissions on
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Payment Processing

  • A simple and transparent process: Businesses will always know how much the transaction fee is.
  • Businesses get the choice to share or pass on the transaction fee with the customer.
  • Receive Instant Payouts.
  • Send Payment Invoices electronically.

Automated Accounts Receivable

  • We handle collection of overdue payments.
  • Our system will automatically bill out and collect from customers.
  • Send Payment Plan Proposals by text or email to customers.

Guaranteed Customer Financing

  • 0% Service Fee: Businesses get the exact amount they finance the customer for.
  • Business keeps 100% of down payment.
  • No Credit Check for customers.
  • We GUARANTEE payments.
  • Use Denefits in Conjunction with any Traditional Lenders.

Partner Commissions

How much can you earn as a Denefits Partner

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We will provide you training of Denefits so you are well equipped with the tools to be a part of the movement to change medical industry.

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Combine our software with your marketing, make more informed recommendations, and start earning endless revenue.

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