Other software can only make payment plans. Denefits integrates, makes, manages, collects, and GUARANTEES payments.

Make, Manage, Collect Payments

Denefits simplifies the way businesses make, manage, and collect payments

Use Denefits' complete payment options software to process payments, set up flexible payment plans, manage your customers, & all transactions from any location, on any device.


You can help them and we GUARANTEE your payments

Finance your customers risk-free with GUARANTEED payments. Denefits ensures your business receives full financed amount paid out in monthly installments while your customers get the financial flexibility they need.

API Integration

Integrate Denefits' powerful yet easy-to-implement API into your system

Integrate Denefits software into your system or website to start financing more customers and grow your business. Our API integration is simple and quick.

See how much you can make by simply adding Denefits to your existing process

Calculate your earnings

Average finance amount per contract

Minimum Value $500
500 20,000

No. of customers denied financing by other companies

Minimum Value 10
10 500

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Big or Small Business
- We Help ALL

Small Business

For businesses operating in one location.

Large Business

Enterprise solutions for businesses operating in multiple locations.

Denefits only makes money when you get your payments

Businesses that love success, love Denefits

Proud partner with 5k+ businesses and counting

Customer Stories

The guaranteed payments are amazing! I had a couple of overdue patients, Denefits did my first payout for those patients and I couldn't be happier. The process was simple that helped me grow my business. Shout out to Denefits! Keep it up!

Emma B

Earlier, a significant part of our earnings was going into the merchants' pockets for processing all payments. Thanks to Denefits, now we don't have to bear the cost alone.

Steve S

Helping our customers 🏆 succeed

It's NOW or NEVER!

Your customers are 70% more likely to buy if they can make payments easily. If you don't finance them, somebody else will.