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Denefits Payment Plans take only a few minutes
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The only payment software you need to grow your business

Denefits only makes money when
you get your payments

No credit checks

Now you can finance more customers with Denefits' NO CREDIT CHECK policy! Help the deserving customers with unfavorable credit scores while Denefits PROTECTS your payments.

Free enrollment & training

Join us without risk! Denefits offers FREE enrollment and training to small businesses.

FREE API integration for your website

Let your website bring you business 24X7 with Denefits' easy-to-integrate APIs! Finance your customers directly from your website.

You decide the interest

Not interested in PROTECTED PAYMENTS? No problem. You can set your interest rate and Denefits will still create, manage, and collect payments for you.

Check how much profit you will earn

Customers per month (For Financing)


Avg. Finance Amount per Customer: $1500

Approx. Profit for 18 months


Let's calculate your real profit


BOOST your sales & GROW
your business

Secure payments

ACH payments to assure small businesses additional security.

Split/Pass on processing fees

You decide to SHARE or PASS ON the transaction fee to your customers.

Simple and easy to use

NO equipment, software, or contracts required. NO subscription fees. Use Denefits for FREE!

Easy-to-integrate APIs

Integrate Denefits' simple yet powerful APIs into your website for more productivity & better workflow.

No hidden fees

No hidden costs. No unnecessary contracts. No fuss. Denefits keeps the entire process transparent and simple.

Be in control

Denefits gives you complete control over payments processing and plans so you can do what's best for your business.

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