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The Impact of Flexible Payment Plans on a Company's Revenue and Profitability

Earning revenue and maintaining cash flow are both critical yet concerning for any business. But these dynamics change when companies start offering flexible payment plans to their customers. Read this whitepaper to see what level of impact payment plans can have on your revenue.


How Denefits’ No Fee Financing Helped a Dentist Improve the Patient Experience While Growing His Practice

Traditional patient financing is full of loopholes and problems. Read this whitepaper to learn how Denefits makes it easy for dentists like you to avoid all those challenges with financing your patients. After all, losing patients is the last thing a dental practice wants.


How Offering Flexible Payment Plans To Clients Impacts Sales For Medspa Businesses

With the market value of the medspa industry trending upward, there’s so much growth potential medspa owners should realize. In this whitepaper, we have listed various other reasons why every medspa business should offer payment plans, what their perks are, and examples of how they impact sales.


It's NOW or NEVER!

Your customers are 70% more likely to buy if they can make payments easily. If you don't finance them, somebody else will.