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Knowledgeable and friendly customer service. Addressed my concerns and questions promptly and explained everything in ways I could understand. It’s clear they are there to help. Completely satisfied. Would definitely recommend.

J. G

I am so happy our guaranteed payments have kicked in — the claims process is really easy and I appreciate the support provided by Denefits. We have really grown considerably since we have started actively using them and that old saying – work smarter not harder – definitely applies to Denefits. Recommend!!

Harini A

Game Changer. I’ve been here from the start — well worth it. Guaranteed payouts. No credit checks. I have a smooth running office because I don’t have to deal with in-house financing. Thanks Denefits for being here.

Lucas M

I really could not be happier. My accounting firm has been using Denefits and it has made collecting payments a breeze. I don’t have to deal with any collections and their insured payments are great! I can focus on my clients needs without having to ask for payment and it’s automated! So happy that I found this company.


I have been using Denefits for the last 9 months. All I can say is that I regret not using them sooner. The amount of revenue I was losing by not charging interest was just incredible. I don’t know how they do it, but out of my 39 contracts, none has defaulted. I tried doing financing myself and that was a total disaster because we never could manage it well.


Denefits has been an amazing option for our patients. I am a billing manager of a surgical center and our patients use Denefits to make payments on their high deductibles. Denefits guarantees our payments and we don’t have to worry about collections because they take care of that too! They are a great all around financing software that I would recommend to everyone.

Allison C

Denefits has really helped our business grow with their payment plans software. Here in Saratoga Springs, NY, we have a smaller community but a lot of visitors so having this option was imperative for our office. You don’t have to be a resident of the town to be a patient. Things happen and when you are on vacation, sometimes those extra funds just are not available. For our office, we just ensure to get proper identification and proof of income. I can honestly say, without Denefits our little office would not be able to be open 6 days a week or be closed during the towns slow season. We still get payments during our closures! Denefits is top notch for us and we are happy to spread the word!


I really appreciate having the option to make payments at my dentist. I had a pretty substantial treatment that was only partially covered by my insurance. Thank goodness my dentist provided me with Denefits as a payment option. It’s easy to use and I have my own portal that lets me make extra payments and have control over all my personal details.

Mark P

Denefits is an amazing platform. They ensure Guaranteed Payments at no extra cost and cover you for uncertainties. Even if your patient defaults, Denefits keep sending you payments. Strongly recommended.

Eddie P

I see the reviews posted here and I wanted to add my personal experience. As a long time user of Denefits, I’m happy with the product — it is a fantastic software with terrific features and I really do earn extra when I take advantage of the compound interest! I have a few overdue contracts, you can’t fight that — but Denefits has made good on their guarantee. I got a payout last week. Everything has been great! Thank you Denefits!

Arnav P

Denefits is a great financing solution for practices. My practice has a large amount of recurring revenue because of this financing option. They do not charge a high percentage amount to the doctors or the patients. Enrollment was free for the practice.

Dr. Kathy N

Denefits has really changed the way we offer financing in our office. We have been with them for a little over a year now, and yes there have been some bumps but boy did they help us when needed. We just got our claims paid from their guarantee program (not that we had that many, but every bit helps!) and the process couldn’t be easier. We had one declined, but that was our fault for not getting a copy of the patients ID – understandable! Keep up the great work Denefits!! I’ll continue to sing your praises and send my colleagues your way!

Oliver J

At the beginning of the financing back in 2017 and now at the end, Denefits has consistently been very easy to work with and provided fast and friendly customer service.

Kandy K

My Surgery Center has been using Denefits for a while now and it has been very valuable to the patients and us. Denefits lets the patients make payment plans (financing) for the high deductibles they have to pay before surgery. It has been really nice to see happy patients. I had a patient in tears because he could finally pay the deductible to get a surgery he needed and it was Denefits who made that happen.

Tanya H

My fellow dentist recommended Denefits and I am so glad to have considered it. Ever since our practice used Denefits, we have recovered the majority of our overdue payments. New patients are able to access our services more than before, thanks to flexible payment plans by the amazing software. Totally worth it.

Victor C

I was recently blindsided by the need for a dental implant but I didn’t have the $4K to complete the process. Denefits saved me! The application process was super easy and I didn’t have to worry about a credit check. A huge weight of worry was taken off of my shoulders! Thank you, Denefits!

June S

Denefits has been great for my seminar courses! Not only do I use them as a source of payment, but I also help practices sign up and use Denefits! The best part has been the extra revenue – not only is the system user friendly but it’s easy to earn!

Anthony H

SHOUTOUT TO DAVE!!! I’m no financing guru, I just install fences, but my boy Dave at Denefits really came through for me. We had a demo scheduled yesterday morning (thank God he called me beforehand because I definitely forgot) & he walked me through the whole system. I really respect that level of patience and he didn’t even rush me off the phone when I asked him like a billion freaking questions! I was able to get a customer signed up for $6,600 fence installation just this afternoon that I otherwise woulda had to turn away. I’m excited to see what Denefits will do for my business going forward!!

Adam S

The guaranteed payments are amazing! I had a couple of overdue patients, I get it but Denefits just did my first payout for their payments and I couldn’t be happier. The process was simple, the documents requested were not any different then when I submit to the insurance agency. Easy, to the point and helping me grow my business. Shout out to Denefits! Keep it up!

Emma B

Denefits has been a great alternative for us in my clinic. Instead of spending the time running credit checks, we just input patient information and they are good to go. Our patients have enjoyed how easy it is. We’ve called customer support a few times already for technical help, but haven’t had any issues besides that. Definitely recommended!!

Easton J

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