Pay Over Time

Let your customers buy your services
now & pay later

Increase your sales and earn unrealized revenue

Pay Over Time by Denefits gives your customers the power to buy any service instantly and pay later, eventually helping your business tap into its potential revenue and grow.


Total number of customers visiting you per day




Customers per day who do not qualify for a traditional loan




Average payment plan per customer



Total amount of unrealized revenue per day


$1500 x key-2


Unrealized revenue per year


$4500 x 365 days


Unrealized revenue from 15 locations per year


$1.06M x 15

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Benefits of Pay Over Time for businesses


Easy to integrate, use, and implement

Integrate Pay Over Time into your website in a few, simple steps. Once integrated, your customers can start using your services and pay later conveniently.


Get the help you need to grow

Never lose a potential customer with Denefits Pay Over Time feature. Get the power to turn browsers into buyers, every time a potential customer visits your website.

No cost to your business

For a limited time, website integration is free! Schedule a demo for integration appointment.

How does it work?

To make the feature accessible to your customers, you can easily create contracts for your services

These contracts can either be created on your website - under your listed services, or you can send contract links directly to your customers.

The created contracts will have all the options, from selecting the down payment amount and the terms to completing the payment amount.

Let your website generate
for your business 24x7

Denefits software helps your customers buy your services , even if they can't pay now in full.
Focus more on your business while Denefits takes care of offering payment plans to your customers directly from your website with a simple integration.