More Patients

With denefits, your patients can afford your treatment. This way you get more treatments completed and increased referrals from satisfied patients.

Increased Revenue

With the help of denefits®, you will create a growing revenue stream for the patients who might have otherwise left without treatment.

Hassle Free Financing

Finance your patients without having to worry about credit-checks, approval process and hidden fees.

Guaranteed payments

We cover you for uncertainties and ensure guaranteed payments. We take every step that is necessary to get your payment from your patient on your behalf.

Profitable Patient Financing

Why do dentists seem to lose money when they finance patients? Why do the Banking and Loan Industries make their business on financing customers? It’s simple, their risk is offset by appropriately applied interest and an aggressive collections process. denefits® allows you to succeed when financing because we organize, manage and automate the whole process for you. Our flat rate collections process is simple and cost effective!

Calculate Your Savings












Calculate Your Savings






Private Dental Plans

Are you tired of Big Dental Insurance Companies dictating how you practice? You know what is good for your patient, but dental Insurance always seems to get in the way. Are you tired of giving treatment “estimates” to patients that almost always backfires? Dental Insurance does NONE of the treatment BUT takes most of the PROFITS! Join the movement to RISE above Dental Insurance, join denefits®. Together we can Transform our Dental Industry!

The Dental Marketplace

Are you tired of dumping money into the black hole of “Marketing?” Do you even know how to effectively market yourself? denefits® takes care of this for you too! We charge a flat rate for finding you patients. You don’t pay us a dime until we refer patients to your office! Our Innovative Dental Marketplace will help connect the right patient to you!


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Thousand Patients Referred


Million Dollars Financed

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denefits® offers three awesome features which are Private Dental Plans, Patient Financing, and Dental Market Place. Choose the features or the full package.

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Fill up the registration form along with your personal, payment and practice information.

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Get Ready to Rock

Now you are a part of the denefits® movement. Enroll patients and see your revenues grow like never before.