Why do most industries make money on financing, but dentists always lose money on financing?

Other industries understand that when you finance something, you are risking something. The risk turns into reward when an interest rate and late fees can be applied appropriately.

The problem with financing in dentistry is a lack of organization and management of accounts. So instead, this financing is sold to a third party financing company at a discounted rate. The financing company will now make money from both the dental office and the patient.

denefits® solves the problems of management, organization and collection of debt while automatically charging interest and late fees appropriately.

Patient Portal

Your patients can login and view their accounts, update credit card and banking information. Patients can see how much they still owe or pay extra all without having to call your office!

One Click Collections

Our system is so sophisticated that all it takes is one click to email a late notice or send a letter. Just one click can also send an account to collections!

Flat fee collections

It doesn't matter how much a patient owes you, we will take over your account collection for a small flat fee! You worked hard for your money, it doesn't make sense for us to take a percentage of what's owed to you.

Patient Relationship Manager

Manage patient needs. Keep track of treatment plan follow-ups. Compare financing options to make it easier for patients to choose what is best for them. Track calls and emails to your patients!

Recurring Payments

Automatic recurring payments straight to your bank account. No need to worry about things like change of address, changed credit card CVC codes, or expiration dates. Our system is smart enough to update them on its own.

Doctor Dashboard

Get a full overview of everything that is going on with your financing in one place. Send notices with just one click. Send overdue accounts to collections with just one click. It's Easy to understand and Easy to use!

Easy Patient Setup

denefits® Software makes it simple for you to add your patients to your private financing. You can even add family members to grow your revenue even more.

Easy Analytics

Keep track of numbers. Easily access your monthly revenue, financed patients' lists, late/missed payments. You can even keep track of treatment plans that still need to be financed!

Monthly Payments

Get your payouts every month! We even provide a countdown of when the payout will be made!