Who are we?

Denefits is a leading complete payment solutions platform used by customers and businesses alike across many industries. We use technology to provide businesses the opportunity to solve one of the world’s biggest challenges: accessibility to necessary products and services.

Our no fee payment processing, guaranteed customer financing, and automated accounts receivable has allowed thousands of businesses across many industries to make their services affordable to customers. Whether you have experienced issues with payment disputes, inability to finance customers, or following up on past due payments, Denefits has the solution for you.

Why Denefits?

From a business standpoint, we help lessen the likelihood of chargebacks and payment disputes by enabling ACH payment processing, which provides your business with additional security. Denefits also offers customer financing without a credit check, so you never have to turn away paying customers. Carrying past due accounts is an additional burden that businesses face, but with Denefits on your side, we’ll act as your personal billing department by maintaining communication with your debtors to get you the money you’re owed.

On the other hand, customers who struggle with being approved for finance contracts can benefit from our guaranteed customer financing. With no credit checks, instant approvals, and flexible payment plans, Denefits bridges the gap between affordability and accessibility. Furthermore, Social Payments by Denefits allows friends and family to donate directly to a Denefits customer’s finance contract, for those who need additional assistance, because Denefits cares.

What Sets us Apart

Denefits is the safest complete payment options system because:

No Deferred Interest

Community driven donations

Affordable monthly payments

Fewer disputes and chargebacks with ACH payments

Easy to understand terms

Instant financing

No credit check

Settle past due accounts

Our Commitment

Denefits Finance group

Innovate and Deliver

We’re a technology organization based on the conviction that innovative solutions deliver better results.

Denefits group

Transparent Always

We're one of the leading players because we value ethics, transparency, and authenticity.

Denefits group of Businesses

Simple & Easy

We’re committed to improving payment processing, financing, and billing for everyone with an all-in-one system.

Denefits group of Businesses

Accessible and Affordable

Our instant approval platform makes financing accessible to all with low costs and endless possibilities.

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