Who are we?

Denefits is a leading customer financing platform used by customers and healthcare providers across North America. We bring technology and healthcare together to bring innovative financial solutions to an enormous healthcare problem - non affordability.

Our customer financing platform allows thousands of healthcare providers across North America to help make their services affordable to customers by offering them an affordable financing option through Denefits. So, whether your customers have low credit scores, cannot qualify for financing, or need an additional financing help for a part of their treatment, Denefits can help.

who is Denefits

Why Denefits?

Denefits customer financing provides healthcare practitioners the ability to refer customers to financing at the point of service. Customers in need of a financing alternative can apply for Denefits customer financing in less than a minute and receive an instant approval regardless of their credit score or credit history.

The financed amount can be spread conveniently over months or even years. Moreover, it even lets customers raise money from their friends and family members towards their medical bills through Social Healthcare Payments™.

What Makes us Different

Denefits is the safest patient financing option for customers for the following reasons

Denefits Finance

No Deferred Interest


No ‘’gotcha’’ language

payment method

Affordable Monthly Payments

accepting monthly installments

Easy to understand Terms

flexible payment plans

Instant Financing

No Credit Check

No Credit Check

Why we do it ?

The healthcare industry is undergoing a significant transformation affecting the amount of out-of-pocket healthcare cost customers are required to pay. Constant changes to insurance plans, high deductibles and rising costs are motivating a majority of healthcare providers to reconsider their revenue cycle management strategies.

Healthcare providers are switching to a model that guaranteed payments while customers have never had a greater need for help in paying for their expensive medical care. Thus, we have used technology to innovate the way healthcare providers sell their services by introducing a financing option. Now, providers can sell expensive medical procedures and customers have never had a better opportunity to obtain financing for large, unexpected medical bills.

Why Denefits?

Our Commitment

Denefits Finance group

Innovate & Deliver

We’re a technology organization based on the conviction that innovative solutions deliver better results.

Denefits group

Transparent Always

We're one of the leading players because we value ethics, transparency to bring greater value and better opportunities.

Denefits group of Businesses

Simple & Easy

We’re committed to making financing and paying off simple and affordable for everyone.

Denefits group of Businesses

Making Healthcare Accessible and Affordable

Our platform with no credit check financing makes healthcare accessible to all keeping costs low and opportunities high.

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