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Buccal Fat Removal Cost

Chubby Cheeks?

Cute as they may be, some people prefer a more sculpted facial appearance as they age. If you are one of them, you might have researched ways to contour your cheeks and would have surely come across buccal fat removal surgery as an option.

Buccal fat removal surgery, also known as bichectomy, is a cosmetic procedure that helps contour big cheeks by removing the buccal fat pads. A plastic surgeon performs this surgery to reduce facial roundness, creating a more defined cheek structure.

However, one important consideration before undergoing any cosmetic procedure is the associated cost. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average buccal fat removal cost is approximately $2,883. But, this figure can vary widely based on several factors.

Read on to discover more about buccal fat removal surgery, the factors influencing its cost, and the payment options available, should you decide to undergo the procedure.

What Is a Buccal Fat Removal Surgery?

Your Secret to Chiseled Cheeks!

The buccal fat pad is a naturally occurring fat deposit located in the hollow area beneath your cheekbone. It plays a significant role in determining the shape and fullness of your face. Larger buccal fat pads contribute to a rounder, fuller facial appearance, while smaller ones allow for a more sculpted look.

For individuals desiring a slender face, but who naturally have fat cheeks, removing the buccal fat pad can be an effective solution. The buccal fat removal procedure helps reduce facial fullness and create a more contoured and defined appearance.

Steps Involved in Buccal Fat Removal Surgery

Consultation: A detailed discussion with a qualified plastic surgeon to assess suitability and desired outcomes.

Anesthesia: Administered to ensure comfort during the surgery.

Incision: Small incisions are made inside the mouth to access and remove the fat pads.

Closure: Incisions are closed with dissolvable sutures.

Recovery: Postoperative care instructions are provided to ensure proper healing.

How Much Does Buccal Fat Removal Surgery Cost?

Well, That Depends!

Buccal fat removal surgery cost depends on various factors, a few of which are discussed further in the blog. Here’s a table indicating the average cost of Buccal fat removal surgery across states in the US. 

StateApproximate Cost
Alabama$2,500 – $6,000
Alaska$4,000 – $7,000
Arizona$3,500 – $7,500
Arkansas$3,000 – $7,000
California$2,500 – $6,000
Colorado$3,000 – $7,500
Connecticut$4,000 – $7,000
Delaware$3,500 – $8,000
Florida (Miami)$2,000 – $5,000
Georgia$3,000 – $7,500
Hawaii$4,000 – $8,000
Idaho$3,500 – $8,500
Illinois$4,000 – $8,000
Indiana$3,000 – $8,000
Iowa$4,000 – $8,500
Kansas$3,000 – $9,000
Kentucky$4,500 – $9,000
Louisiana$3,500 – $9,000
Maine$4,000 – $9,000
Maryland$3,500 – $9,500
Massachusetts$4,000 – $9,500
Michigan$4,500 – $10,000
Minnesota$3,000 – $10,000
Mississippi$4,000 – $10,000
Missouri$3,500 – $10,000
Montana$4,500 – $10,000
Nebraska$3,000 – $10,000
Nevada$4,000 – $10,000
New Hampshire$3,500 – $10,000
New Jersey$4,500 – $10,000
New Mexico$3,000 – $10,000
New York$3,000 – $7,000
North Carolina$4,000 – $10,000
North Dakota$3,500 – $10,000
Ohio$4,000 – $10,000
Oklahoma$3,000 – $10,000
Oregon$4,500 – $10,000
Pennsylvania$3,500 – $10,000
Rhode Island$4,000 – $10,000
South Carolina$3,000 – $10,000
South Dakota$4,500 – $10,000
Tennessee$3,500 – $10,000
Texas$2,500 – $5,500
Utah$4,000 – $10,000
Vermont$3,000 – $10,000
Virginia$4,500 – $10,000
Washington$3,500 – $10,000
West Virginia$4,000 – $10,000
Wisconsin$3,000 – $10,000
Wyoming$4,500 – $10,000

Factors Affecting Buccal Fat Removal Surgery Cost

Who, Where, and How?

If you are considering a buccal fat removal procedure, it is important to understand the various factors that can affect its cost. The best approach is to discuss these factors with your surgeon to get a comprehensive estimate.

Here are the key factors that influence the cost of buccal fat removal surgery:

▶️Geographic Location

The cost of buccal fat removal surgery varies significantly depending on the location where the procedure is performed. For example, surgeries in major metropolitan areas such as New York City or Los Angeles tend to be more expensive compared to those in smaller cities or rural areas. 

▶️Surgeon’s Experience and Expertise

Surgeons with extensive experience, advanced training, and a strong reputation in the field of cosmetic surgery typically charge higher fees. Board certification and specialized training can also influence the cost. Patients often pay a premium for the assurance of high-quality results and safety provided by a skilled and reputable surgeon.

▶️Surgical Facility and Anesthesia Fees

The type of facility where the surgery is performed and the kind of anesthesia used are significant cost factors. Accredited surgical facilities with state-of-the-art equipment and stringent safety standards may charge more. Additionally, the cost of anesthesia varies depending on whether local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia is used. Fees for the surgical facility and anesthesia typically add a substantial amount to the base surgeon's fee.

▶️Complexity of the Procedure

The specific techniques used and the complexity of the surgery can also impact buccal fat removal costs. More intricate procedures that require longer operative times or specialized equipment may result in higher fees. Each patient’s unique anatomy and desired outcomes can influence the complexity of the surgery.

▶️Preoperative and Postoperative Costs

Initial consultation fees, preoperative medical tests, medications, and follow-up visits are additional expenses that need to be considered.

Does Insurance Cover Buccal Fat Removal Price?

No, But…

Insurance typically does not cover the cost of buccal fat removal surgery. This procedure is considered an elective cosmetic surgery, meaning it is not deemed medically necessary. Most individuals opt for buccal fat removal to enhance their facial aesthetics and achieve a more contoured appearance.

However, there may be rare exceptions if the procedure is deemed medically necessary due to a specific health condition. But, these cases are uncommon and require thorough documentation and justification from a medical professional to qualify for coverage.

Having said that, it does not mean that cost will become a hindrance for you to get this surgery. There are other viable options you can consider to afford the surgery as discussed below. 

Financial Planning for Buccal Fat Removal

…You Have Other Options!

Here are some options to consider:

▶️Save It Up

Setting aside money each month can help you cover the cost of the surgery without needing to finance it. By creating a dedicated savings plan, you can gradually accumulate the necessary funds, making the expense more manageable.

▶️Look Up Companies That Offer Financing

As cosmetic procedures become increasingly popular, more companies offer financing options to make them accessible. These companies provide loans or credit specifically for medical and cosmetic procedures, allowing you to break down the cost into manageable monthly payments. Be sure to review the terms and interest rates to choose a plan that fits your budget.

▶️Go for Medical Credit Cards

Medical credit cards are another option to cover buccal fat removal costs. These cards are designed for healthcare expenses and often offer promotional financing with low or no interest for an introductory period. However, it's crucial to be mindful of interest rates once the promotional period ends and to manage monthly payments carefully to avoid accumulating debt.

▶️Keep an Eye Out for Promotional Offers and Discounts

Occasionally, clinics offer promotional discounts or packages for cosmetic procedures. It's worth inquiring about any current or upcoming promotions that could reduce the overall cost. Signing up for newsletters or following clinics on social media can help you stay informed about special offers.

▶️Choose Surgeons That Offer Payment Plans

Many surgeons offer in-house payment plans, which allow patients to spread out the cost of the surgery over several months. This can make the financial burden more manageable and eliminate the need for external financing. Discuss payment plan options with your surgeon during your consultation to find a plan that suits your financial situation.

A little about Denefits

Why Denefits Payment Plans Are the Go-to Choice for Many?

Denefits offers payment plans that let you break down the total cost of the surgery into manageable payments. Not only that! Denefits understands that a low credit score can become a barrier for many to access quality treatments and procedures.

That is the reason why Denefits has a no-credit-check policy and a 95% approval rate. This ensures that more people can opt for the services they need without worrying about their credit health.

In addition to this, Denefits reports all timely payments to credit bureaus, allowing you to improve your credit score while getting the procedure done.

All you have to do is look out for providers that offer Denefits payment plans or ask your surgeon whether they offer payment plans or not! It is not only beneficial for patients but also for care providers as they can provide services to those who need that extra time.
It’s a win-win!

Final Words

Buccal fat removal surgery is a promising option for those looking to achieve a slender, more contoured facial appearance. While the cost of the surgery can vary based on geographical location and other factors, a detailed discussion with your surgeon will provide an accurate estimate. If you're concerned about affordability, consider service providers that offer Denefits payment plans, which allow you to manage the cost in a budget-friendly way. 

Until next time! 

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Much Is Buccal Fat Removal?

The average cost of buccal fat removal surgery is $2,883. But it also depends on the surgeon’s experience, the geographic location, and additional fees such as anesthesia and facility costs.

Q2. Is Buccal Fat Removal Suitable for Men?

Yes, buccal fat removal is suitable for men seeking to achieve a more defined and contoured facial appearance. Men can benefit from the procedure to reduce facial fullness and enhance their jawline.

Q3. Are There Instances of Buccal Fat Removal Gone Wrong?

There are instances where buccal fat removal can go wrong, potentially affecting facial symmetry and smile. Choosing a highly experienced and qualified surgeon is crucial to minimize risks and achieve the desired results.

Q4. How Long Does It Take for Buccal Fat Removal Recovery?

Recovery from buccal fat removal typically takes about 3 weeks. Most patients can resume normal activities within a few days, but swelling and discomfort may last for a couple of weeks.

Q5. Is Buccal Fat Removal Permanent?

Yes, buccal fat removal is considered a permanent procedure. Once the fat pads are removed, they do not grow back. However, significant weight gain can affect the overall appearance of the face.

Q6. Why Is One of My Cheeks Bigger Than the Other?

Asymmetry in cheeks can be due to natural variations in anatomy, differences in muscle activity, or previous facial injuries. Consulting with a medical professional can help determine the cause and appropriate treatment.

Q7. How to Get Rid of Buccal Fat Without Surgery?

Non-surgical options to reduce buccal fat include a healthy diet, regular exercise, and facial exercises. However, these methods may not be as effective as surgery for significant fat reduction.