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Who are we?

Denefits provides innovative financing solutions for both businesses and customers. We believe that the current lending system in the U.S. is flawed.
We knew there had to be a better way — so we created one. Denefits is disrupting the way lending works in the U.S.

What is Denefits?

The Problems

  • 1

    Lenders qualify less than half of total applicants. 50% qualification means 50% less revenue.

  • 2

    The concept of the credit score suppresses the most vulnerable population, the ones who need the most help.

  • 3

    Healthcare providers are unable to provide services for patients who can’t afford it. Providers also lose out on revenue when patients are denied financing by lenders.

The Solution

No Fee Financing

No Fee Financing

With No Fee Financing, businesses can get the exact amount they finance the patient for. We guarantee your payments.

No Credit Check

Since we don’t require a credit check, we finance everyone. Businesses can provide services for customers denied by traditional lenders.

Social Healthcare Payments

We provide help for customers who need it. Community members can donate directly to patients’ payments.

What does Denefits do?

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No Fee Financing

Finance any patient with 0% service fee. You keep 100% of your down payment. You can earn monthly recurring fees to support your business.

Smile financing

Easy to Use

It only takes 3 minutes to finance a new customer using our software, on any device and platform. We finance everyone with No Credit Checks.

Financing no credit check

Guaranteed Payments

We’ve got you covered no matter what. If a patient defaults, we cover their payments. You get the exact amount you finance the patient for.

Why Should You Finance Your Customers?

Financing with Denefits empowers your customers by giving them more options. Our system offers a financing solution to help consumers pay for services upfront when they don’t have the cash or credit. Your business can benefit greatly through our services: we manage all your accounts, collect missed payments, and guarantee defaulted payments.

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