Case Study


1. Selection of Payment Plans:

  • The clinic decided to implement Denefits’ Payment Plans to cater to different financial needs.

2. Integration and Training:

  • The clinic’s management team worked closely with Denefits to integrate these plans into their existing system.
  • Staff members were trained to understand the differences of each plan, focusing on how to communicate the benefits and terms to patients.

3. Marketing the New Payment Options:

  • The clinic updated its website and brochures to include information about the new payment plans.
  • During appointments, dentists and front-office staff informed patients about these flexible payment options.

4. Monitoring and Adjustment:

  • The clinic regularly reviewed the performance of each payment plan, gathering feedback from patients and staff to make necessary adjustments.


Increased Patient Acquisition:

Within six months, the clinic observed a 25% increase in new patients, many citing the availability of payment plans as a deciding factor.

Improved Patient Retention and Satisfaction:

  • The clinic noted that existing patients were more likely to undergo recommended procedures and follow-ups, thanks to the manageable payment options.
  • Patient satisfaction surveys reflected appreciation for the financial flexibility, leading to an increase in patient referrals.

Financial Stability:

  • The clinic experienced a more consistent and predictable cash flow, reducing the financial uncertainties associated with high-cost treatments.
  • The No Fee Payment Plan and EZ Payment Plan with Deferred Interest were particularly popular, offering patients the much-needed initial financial relief.

The implementation of affordable payment plans proved to be a strategic move for the dental clinic.

It not only enhanced the accessibility of dental care but also contributed to the clinic's financial health and reputation.

This case study demonstrates the positive impact that well-chosen and effectively implemented payment plans can have on both patient care and business growth.