How It Works?

Tell us about your debt and we
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  • Tell us about your Debt

    It all starts with your decision, your financial goals, your first step to commit to a Debt-Free life. No matter what’s going, we’re here to help.

  • Select the payment plan

    You select the payment plan that best suits your requirements and begin your debt-relief journey in a few clicks.

  • We will talk to your Creditor

    We analyze your debt and talk to your creditor and send you a proposal with different payment plan options personalized for you.

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Benefits of
Settling your
Medical or Dental
Debt with Denefits

No credit check

No credit checks are needed in our system. We qualify everyone! We help the deserving customers with unfavorable credit scores. We don't require a credit check, so you'll receive instant approval!

Improve your credit

Nearly every face of your financial life is impacted by the strength of your credit score, from loan and mortgage applications, and even something as essential as a lease on a new apartment. A good credit score can also qualify you for the best introductory offers.

Social Payment

Family, Friends, Community Members and organizations can contribute in any amount they desire and help lessen your payment burden

Get your financial freedom back

We help reclaim your financial freedom.
There is no cost to get started
negotiating your debt.

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