Who we are?

  • Denefits is a leading Patient Financing Platform used by patients & healthcare providers across North America.
  • With Denefits, patients can get financing for everything such as Copays, Overages, Treatment, or any other similar needs within minutes.
  • We bring technology & healthcare together to bring innovative financing solutions to an enormous healthcare problem – non-affordability.
  • Denefits Patient Financing Services allow thousands of healthcare providers to help make their services affordable to patients by offering them affordable financing options through us.

Who is denefits?

What do We do?

Top Financing hub Denefits

Multiplatform Financing

Denefits is a multiplatform financing system that mutually benefits both practices and patients.

Smile financing

Guaranteed Payments

Practices use Denefits to easily and quickly finance patients. Denefits administers, collects, and Guarantees Your Payments.

Financing no credit check

No Credit Checks

Patients use Denefits to finance treatment, copays and coinsurances. Patients don’t have to go through a credit check.

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