EZ Payment Plan

Introduction To EZ Payment Plan

The EZ Payment Plan by Denefits is a straightforward and effective way for businesses to offer payment plans to their customers. The EZ Payment Plan is crafted for businesses aiming for higher customer acceptance rates while still maintaining a degree of protection.

It involves minimal fees for businesses while providing customers with competitive interest rates.


It involves minimal fees for businesses while providing customers with competitive interest rates.

This tutorial will walk you through the features, benefits, and implementation of the EZ Payment Plan.


Features of the EZ Payment Plan


Minimal Fee for Businesses

Businesses incur a small fee when offering this plan, making it a cost-effective option for various types of enterprises.


Payment Protection

Denefits assumes responsibility for any missed payments, safeguarding the business’s finances and reducing the risk associated with customer payment plans.


Competitive Interest Rates for Customers

The interest rates charged to customers are lower compared to typical market rates, enhancing affordability.


No Reserve Payment

Unlike some other plans, the EZ Payment Plan does not hold the first recurring payment as a reserve, so businesses start to receive payments sooner.



For Businesses

  • Attracts a wider customer base by providing accessible financing option.
  • Minimizes financial risk with Denefits protected payments.
  • Increases revenue opportunities by making services affordable to customers.

For Customers

  • Offers an attainable way to afford services with lower interest rates.
  • Allows customers to move forward with services without the financial burden

Implementing the EZ Payment Plan


Evaluate Business Needs:

Determine if the EZ Payment Plan is suitable for your business model and customer preferences.


Staff Training:

Educate your team about the specifics of the EZ Payment Plan so they can effectively explain it to customers and handle related queries.


Market the Plan:

Promote the availability of the EZ Payment Plan through various marketing channels, including your website, in-store materials, and customer interactions.


Contract Management:

Use the Denefits platform to manage customer contracts and keep track of payments and any other financial obligations.


Customer Support:

Offer excellent customer service to assist clients in understanding and managing their payment plan, ensuring a smooth and positive experience.


The EZ Payment Plan from Denefits is an excellent tool for businesses looking to expand their customer base by offering flexible, low-interest payment options.

It benefits businesses by providing a low-risk financing solution and customers by making purchases more affordable. Proper implementation and promotion of this plan can lead to increased sales, improved customer satisfaction, and stronger customer loyalty.