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Denefits is the first and only platform that offers affordable financing
to 100% of your patients without having to run credit checks.

With Denefits, the Doctor has full control of the financial terms. You decide the interest. We are here to provide you with a way to earn residual income for your practice. We also provide practices with guaranteed payments if your patient defaults.

In order to qualify for Guaranteed Payments, the patient being financed must have placed a down payment or have successfully paid the first of their contract on time. Once the contract qualifies for guaranteed payments, Denefits will continue to pay the practice in case the patient defaults.

Denefits charges a one time enrollmet fee to the patient of $30 as well as a $3 transaction fee for every monhtly payment. The only fee to the doctor is 10% of every payment made by the patient which can be offsetted by charging the patient and interest of 10% or higher.

Unlike CreditCare, Denefits does not run any credit checks. We believe that a patients credit should not dictate whether a patient receives a treatment or not.

Provider is solely and exclusively responsible to check for personally identifying information and to ensure Patient’s payment information, voided check, and debit card all match the identity of the Patient seeking financing.

All major credit cards, debit cards, and Medical Savings Cards (FSA/HSA).

No, this is added into the contract and electronically accepted at the time of enrollment of patient.

Denefits does NOT have any hidden charges.

Denefits does not require a minimum or maximum amount. If over $5,000 Denefits will need to know the type of treatment provided to require a high dollar amount.

The practice controls the financing duration, with the choice of custom terms for each patient.

Denefits pays you via Direct Deposit. Denefits will deposit the first payment received from a patient at the end of the contract term. All other payments are made in 2 business days including down payments. If a payout falls on a weekend or holiday, the account will be credited the business day following the normal pay date. Provider further agrees to provide updated or replacement account information to Denefits in the event of closure of the account.

If a patient becomes delinquent, Denefits will begin the collections process. This will include calls to assist the patient with new payment options, letters, and if necessary legal proceedings.

This is accepted, however, the full amount will include the compounded interest of the financed amount.

Patients can change their payment method at any time. They can complete this in the patient portal or by contacting Denefits support directly.

Patient accounts can only be cancelled by the Provider. If the Provider terminates a Patient account the Denefits Patient Enrollment Fee, Transaction Fees and the Financing Discount will be non-refundable.

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