Have potential patients with unfavorable credit scores?

Denefits makes dental patient financing accessible to all

It takes only a few seconds to offer NO CREDIT CHECK dental financing to patients and start a payment plan

Protected Dental Patient Financing

The Problems

Traditional Payment Plans

  • Less than half applicants get qualified by traditional lenders.
  • 50% approval means 50% less revenue for your practice.
  • Dental practices are unable to offer their services to more patients because of high interest rates charged by credit card companies.

Our Solution

Denefits Flexible Payment Plans

  • Denefits opens up your dental practice to a larger patient base than ever before by allowing you to offer flexible payment plans to patients who otherwise couldn't afford your services.
  • No Credit Check.
  • We PROTECT your payments.
  • Use Denefits in conjunction with any traditional lender.

What makes Denefits different from other systems?

Other financing systems ONLY finance
patients with a good credit score,

One solution for all your financing services

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Denefits offers 100% approval to all patients.

Free enrollment and training

Enroll into Denefits without risk. Denefits only makes money when you get your payments.

Free website integration

Integrate Denefits and let your website work for you 24x7. Start financing your patients directly from your website.

Decide your interest

Not interested in Protected Payments? No worries! Denefits will still create, manage, collect payments for you, and you can keep the interest.