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Denefits is a revolutionary healthcare patient financing platform that works as a financial protection for your procedures of all ranges. Denefits provides patient financing with no credit check & at low interest rates, instantly. Now, you can use the all new Social Healthcare Payments ™ to raise funds for your medical bills through the world!

Denefits Bridges The Gap Between Financing And Treatments

We believe credit score is not the perfect criteria to assess your current ability to repay a loan. Therefore, we do not check your credit score before financing you. Hence making Healthcare financing services accessible to all patients.

Social Healthcare Payments ™

We know paying off medical bills can be difficult at times. Thus, Denefits has now made it possible for you to medical financing for your medical bills from your loved ones & bid adieu to a stressed life.

Instant Financing

Your healthcare treatments are urgent and can not be delayed. That is why we do not keep the patients waiting. Denefits approves financing instantly so that the patients can regain good health without any delay patient financial needs.

Denefits Is All About Freedom

Health care credit cards often end up causing more harm than good. Therefore Denefits offers patient payment plans that allows you to spread your healthcare expenses over months or years and pay the cost in easy & affordable monthly payments.

No Hidden Fees

We are a leading solution in the financing industry for a reason. We never charge you a fee not declared to you. Before you are financed, the doctor will let you know the terms beforehand.

Get The Treatment At Your Budget

Unlike most financing companies, Denefits does not charge the patients a high interest rate. For details, visit your nearest healthcare provider using Denefits. If your provider does not use denefits, you can recommend them to us and we will get them up and running to use Denefits within minutes.

Now accepting Medical Savings Cards - FSA / HSA


Why People Choose Us?

Have you been rejected for healthcare financing simply because of:

Owe a mountain of medical debt?

Paying off a mountain of medical debt can be a difficult task to deal with. Especially if you're living on a limited income with which to pay off that debt. The thing that really stinks about medical debt is that it can't always be prevented.

If you have a low income or are experiencing financial hardship due to your medical problem, you may want to consider assistance. Denefits’ Social Healthcare Payments™ allows you to ask your loved ones to help you pay off your medical debt. Share a payment link through social media, email, text or through any other media with them so they can easily pay a part bill on your behalf!

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