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Denefits is a revolutionary healthcare patient financing platform that works as a financial protection for your procedures of all ranges. Denefits provides patient financing with no credit check & at low interest rates, instantly. Now, you can use the all new Social Healthcare Payments ™ to raise funds for your medical bills through the world! Get instant financing for your recommended treatment with no credit checks.

What does Denefits do for patients?

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No Credit Checks

We believe everyone deserves access to medical care, no matter your credit score. We do not require a credit check, which means we have a 100% approval rate.

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Rebuild Your Credit Score

We report payments to all major credit agencies — so when you make your payments on time, you’ll also be improving your credit score.

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Flexible Payment Plans

Customize your plan to a payment schedule that works best for you. You can easily make changes to the plan to suit your needs.

Social Healthcare PaymentsTM

Everyone can benefit from the kindness and generosity of others. We provide another solution to help patients make their payments. We believe that the healthiest lending system involves not only the individual but also friends, family, and the community.

Patients can tell their story and share their link to receive donations from community members.

Family, friends, and donors can contribute directly to a patient’s payments.

Anyone can donate to help customers make their payments — and know their contributions are going directly to a worthy cause.

Social Healthcare Payments

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