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According to GoodRx Health, a single chiropractic session can cost from $60 to over $200. But, in big cities like California, chiropractor costs can be much higher, i.e., $90–$300 or more (without insurance). 

Most patients typically require 3–5 physical therapy sessions for ideal results. So, the cost can be pretty steep. Hence, uninsured patients are often concerned about the cost of a chiropractor.

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If you feel the same, read on to learn everything about the following: “How much does a chiropractor cost without insurance?”, “What are the associated costs?”, “What’s the insurance coverage like?” and alternative payment options that can help you manage high costs. 

How Much Do Chiropractors Cost: Overall Cost Breakdown

Here are the potential associated costs you can expect:

FactorsAverage cost range 
Initial Consultation Fee$60–$200
Treatment Sessions (standard fee)$65–$95 (single session)
Intensive Therapy (i.e. spinal decompression)$100 – $250 (per session)
Adjustment Fee (for Manual Adjustments)$50–$150
Diagnostic Tests:
MRI scans

Specialized Therapy (Electrical stimulation, cold laser therapy, etc.)$150–$300+
Follow-Up Visit$40–$100
Nutritional counseling and additional expensesVaries

How Much Do Chiropractors Cost With Insurance?

Some insurance plans can cover up to 40%–80% of the costs with full coverage for specific therapies i.e. basic or medically necessary physical therapy. So, a good insurance plan can certainly help reduce your out-of-pocket expenses to a great extent. However, you can expect to pay 100% of the cost for services that aren’t covered by your plan.

Here’s a breakdown of estimated chiropractor costs with and without insurance:

Type of TreatmentCost With Insurance(per session)Cost Without Insurance(per session)
Massage Therapy$15–$40$30–$80
Manual Adjustment (Joints & Muscle Pain)$25–$45$50–$100
Spinal Adjustments$20–$40  (if 40–80% covered by insurance)$100–$200 
Electrotherapy/Shockwave Therapy$30–$60$30–$180
Ultrasound Therapy$15–$35$45–$75
Cold Laser TherapyNot covered$70–$100
Nutrition CounselingMay or may not be covered$50–$110

Average Cost of a Chiropractor Without Insurance

If you are going through 5 sessions per week, every month, the average cost of chiropractor therapy without insurance can range from $800–$4000+. However, the actual cost can be even higher, especially if you require any additional or specialized therapies. Additionally, the average cost also varies by location. 

Here are Estimated Chiropractor Costs in the Major Cities Across the U.S.

LocationAverage Chiropractor Cost Per Session 
Atlanta, GA$150.55
Austin, TX$37.18
Baltimore, MD$107.15
Boston, MA$80.88
Chicago, IL$81.45
Cincinnati, OH$85.20
Cleveland, OH$90.53
Columbus, OH$69.23
Dallas, TX$127.80
Denver, CO$42.60
Houston, TX$216.25
Indianapolis, IN$53.25
Kansas City, MO$47.93
Las Vegas, NV$47.93
Los Angeles, CA$213 
Louisville, KY$79.88
Memphis, TN$63.90
Miami, FL$133.13
Milwaukee, WI$90.53
Minneapolis, MN$90.53
Nashville, TN$79.88
New Orleans, LA$90.53
New York, NY$138.45
Oklahoma City, OK$63.90
Philadelphia, PA$37.18
Phoenix, AZ$85.20
Portland, OR$63.90
Raleigh, NC$69.23
Richmond, VA$53.25
Salt Lake City, UT$58.58
San Diego, CA$106.50
San Francisco, CA$138.45
San Jose, CA$106.50
Seattle, WA$133.13
St Louis, MO$69.23
Tampa, FL$90.53
Washington DC$106.50
Charlotte, NC$70.25

*These are the average estimated costs, updated as of December 2023. Make sure to consult with a professional chiropractor for a more accurate cost estimate.

Alternatives to Pay for Chiropractic Services Without Insurance

◾Installment-Based Payment Plans

Nowadays, most providers offer flexible payment plan options to uninsured patients. For instance, many chiropractors use platforms such as Denefits to create and offer payment plans that fit their patients’ needs. It allows patients to pay in affordable monthly installments, whereas chiropractors can focus on providing quality care. 

◾ Package Deals

Many chiropractors also offer package deals for uninsured patients. So, you may get a discounted rate. Thus, if you cannot qualify for insurance, you can choose a package deal that fits your physical therapy needs. It can generally cost somewhere from $800 to $1000+ annually.

◾ Medical Credit Cards

You can use a medical credit card, such as Care Credit, or MedKey, to pay for your chiropractic needs. For this, you should have a minimum credit score of 620 to qualify. However, don't skip reading the fine print before using medical credit card services. 

Final Thoughts

Chiropractor treatments work as a great alternative to reduce the need for pain medication for many. However, regular chiropractic sessions can cost from hundreds to thousands. Thus, it’s crucial to look for affordable alternatives to pay if insurance isn’t a viable option.

In that case, payment plans emerge as the most ideal option. These help you pay via smaller installments that don’t break your bank account. Moreover, they allow easier access to a wide range of physical therapies. So, make sure to consult with your nearest chiropractor to find out if they offer Denefits payment plans or other such options.

Chiropractic Costs: Commonly Asked Questions

1. How Much Is a Chiropractor Session?

The price per session usually ranges from $75 to $300. It includes the consultation, manual adjustment fee, and any necessary diagnostic tests. The type of treatment you require, where you live, and other variables may also have an impact on the cost.

2. Do Chiropractors Take Insurance?

Yes, many do! But not every chiropractor. It depends on what kind of chiropractic services you're getting. For instance, does your insurance plan cover basic chiropractic services? If yes, then you're in luck. But if you need specialized chiropractic therapies that are not covered, you might need to pay out-of-pocket. Also, some chiropractors have a cash-only payment policy.

3. Does Insurance Cover Chiropractor Costs? And to What Extent?

Most insurance plans only pay for a portion of chiropractic care. In that case, insurance usually pays for 40–80% of the expenses, while you might need to pay 20% of the total cost of the covered services.

4. Can I Use a Medical Credit Card to Cover Chiropractor Costs?

The majority of chiropractic clinics accept medical credit cards. Hence, you can use it to cover the cost of your physical therapy. However, the interest can be high on these credit cards, and they usually require a credit check for approval. So, be sure to pay on time, or it can hurt your credit score.

5. What’s the Best Alternative to Managing Chiropractor Costs?

If your insurance does not cover the cost and you don’t want to use medical credit cards, choosing flexible payment plans, i.e., those provided by Denefits, is the best choice. Its NO CREDIT CHECK policy, a higher approval, and an instant approval process make it the ideal choice. Moreover, the provider can customize the duration of the contract and create a plan that best suits your budget. 

If you want more information, feel free to get in touch with our experts. 


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