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Uh oh, you have a toothache. You make your way over to the dentist that you haven’t visited since 2018, but it turns out that your insurance plan expired. And you need a root canal.

Before seeing the endodontist, you want to get a general idea of how much it costs and how you’re going to pay for it. It’s a valid question, and in many instances is what keeps patients from heading over to the dentist in the first place.

Luckily for you, endodontology financing does exist, and there are plenty of endodontology loans available for patients. When it comes to endodontology financing for patients, however, one’s credit score is almost always a factor that comes into play.

Below you will find options for finance plans for root canals so that you can take care of the work that you need on your teeth.

Root canal loans

Patients can take out a personal loan that can be used for almost anything, but some lenders offer personal loans that are meant to be used specifically for dental work. Since the purpose of the loan is more defined, such loans can offer lower interest rates and varied term lengths.

Dental loans are considered unsecured loans, meaning that there is no collateral backing up the loan (and it is not possible for your dentist to take back your root canal after treatment).

The fact that dental loans are unsecured loans will make the interest rates slightly higher than secured loans since lenders are taking a greater risk of loaning you the money. Nonetheless, dental loans are many times still more economical than personal loans.

Dental loans that can be used for root canal treatment are available from third-party lenders, banks, and credit unions.

The drawback with dental loans is that borrowers must be approved for the loan, which means that patients’ credit scores come into play. Patients may be able to still be approved for a dental loan with a low credit score, but interest rates can be very high as a result.

Payday loans exist as a no credit check dental financing option, but this is not the best solution as payments are not reported to the credit bureaus, so borrowers get no benefit from the loan at all whatsoever. Furthermore, they can be very expensive.

Patients will want to keep this in mind as they seek root canal loans.

Root canal financing

If you do not have dental insurance through your family or your employer, a commonly used option is financing for root canals. Financing plans for root canals are available from multiple sources.

In house financing for root canals

Many times you can see if your dentist or endodontist offers in-house financing that will cover your treatment. This will allow you to make monthly payments until the root canal is fully paid off.

Signing up for dental financing for root canal treatment through your dentist or endodontist will require the process of getting approved for one of the plans. Plans can vary from term length to requiring a down payment, but the interest rate that is set for your root canal financing plan will depend on your credit score.

This alone can make it challenging for patients to obtain the root canal financing that they need if they have struggled at any point with their credit.

Traditional financing for root canals

If your dentist does not offer an in-house financing option, patients can benefit from using a third-party lender to finance their root canal treatment.

Some popular sources of financing include CareCredit’s healthcare credit card, which allows you to cover most dental expenses under a credit card that is used for that purpose exclusively.

The benefit of using CareCredit’s healthcare credit card is that you can hold onto it and use it for multiple dental procedures that arise in the future.

The disadvantage, however, is that one must be approved to use CareCredit’s healthcare credit card, which rules out most patients with a poor credit score. Furthermore, while you await approval, you are unable to receive treatment for your tooth pain.

Root canal financing for patients with bad credit

If you lack insurance, have good credit, and are strapped for funds for a root canal treatment, you will find that the most affordable way to cover your treatment is Denefits Protected Dental Payment Plan .

With Denefits, all patients are instantly approved for financing regardless of their credit score, which means there will be no hard inquiries on your credit report and you can get the treatment that you need from your dentist on the spot to alleviate your dental pain.

Denefits has worked to create a culture of accessibility for dental patients nationwide so that cost is not a factor that keeps anyone from receiving the services that they need.

Find a dental provider using Denefits today to get the root canal treatment that you need.