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Pet Care Financing

There’s no denying that pet owners will go to any lengths to keep their beloved pets happy, healthy, and safe. But vet costs can quickly add up, which can be hard on your budget. Well, that’s not it. There are food and routine care expenses as well that can cause several problems for you. Fortunately, multiple pet care financing options are available to deal with situations when you need help with vet bills.

Before we discuss ways to get help paying vet bills, consider these points.


* Be sure you can afford a dog or cat.

Don't feel bad if you already own a pet and are struggling to make ends meet. You’re not alone. While most people have good intentions, it’s easy to forget how much simple things for everyday needs like food cost. When you get a dog or cat, their food adds to your list of expenses. That’s when the problem starts. Also, dog bones and teething items aren’t a luxury but a necessity for puppies and adults alike. If you don't have the means to pay for items your pet necessarily needs, rethink your decision.

* See if you can get pet insurance.

Consider a few things before getting a plan from a specific insurance provider. Like other insurance options, everything depends on your pet’s condition and factors like your place of living, your vet, and monthly costs and deductibles.

Most pet insurance companies provide services for a monthly fee of $10-$100, with the average being $25-$30. 

You might think you’re already paying for health, car, dental, property, and vision insurance. Why add another bill to the mix? Think of this! If you have an 80-pound Labrador requiring anesthesia for some reason, would you be willing to pay $75 per session for anesthesia out of pocket?

In an emergency, you can be sure that your pet will stay covered no matter what.

* Make sure you don’t skip annual checkups.

All medical professionals agree that prevention is better than cure. Cats and dogs may sometimes tough it out and not oddly behave even when they aren’t feeling the best. But there might be something serious going on without you knowing it.

Annual checkups help identify problems, learn about the costs, and get time to take necessary steps. For instance, flexible payment options can get you through difficult times. It can ensure your pets get the care they need while you pay back the bill at a comfortable rate and pace.

How should you get help with vet bills?


According to Pet Care Rx, the average vet visit can cost between $45 and $55. Besides, other vet visits like dental cleaning can cost a whopping $400. Financial support is available in the form of protected financing for pet care. Similarly, you can take a few other actions to afford veterinary care for your pet.

1. Work with your veterinarian on payment options - First, research, plan ahead, and compare different vet prices to be prepared for any unpleasant situation. Still, if something comes up where you need help paying for pet care bills, talk to your vet about flexible payment options. Ask especially for pet care loans with no credit checks from Denefits.

2. Barter any service with your vet - You may be able to offer services to your vet, depending on your profession. If you feel you are not in a profession that may be useful to the vet, try offering services they may need. You could help them with kennel cleaning, taxi services, or secretarial work.

3. Go around your area for second opinions - There may be other vet clinics that could perform similar services for a lower fee. It can be incredibly beneficial when your finances are a concern.


4. Travel out of town for better options - Veterinary services are more expensive in bigger cities. So if you live in one, drive to a smaller town in the neighborhood to save on vet bills.

5. Create a separate savings account - It’s a good idea to create a savings account and put aside $2-$3 here and there, even if you are cash-strapped.

If you want, keep the money in a piggy bank, but don't spend it. Pets are so much like kids. They’ll get sick or hurt themselves, a reality you can’t avoid. You’ll need the money when that happens.

6. Think of crowdfunding - A recent online trend of raising money through platforms allowing friends, family, and even strangers to chip in money is called crowdfunding. If you need money to manage expensive treatments for your pet, crowdfunding can help.

Besides these options, charities and dedicated organizations can help with vet bills.


List of charities to take help from-

1. The Pet Fund - According to their website, this non-profit organization helps pet owners with non-basic, non-emergency care for conditions like cancer or heart disease.

2. Live Like Roo - This 501(c)(3) non-profit organization specializes in offering financial assistance for pets facing a cancer diagnosis.

3. RedRover Relief - The website mentions they offer financial assistance, resources, and support to low-income groups, survivors of domestic violence, and their pets. The idea is to help them escape and stay together.

4. Brown Dog Foundation - This is another 501(c)(3) non-profit charity. It offers to fund families that lack ample resources to pay for immediate life-saving treatment of their sick pets.

5. Bow Wow Buddies Foundation - This foundation is here to help sick and injured dogs requiring urgent medical care. Bow Wow Buddies Foundation works with families who can’t afford necessary care for rescue and shelter dogs to go up for adoption.

6. Help-A-Pet - This foundation offers financial help nationwide to pet owners who can’t manage vet bills. How to qualify — your annual income should be under $20,000 for an individual household and $40,000 for a family household.

7. Diabetic Cats In Need -  This organization’s mission is to help pet owners pay for the care of their beloved cats that are diabetic. They also run local rescue programs to help local diabetic cats get adopted.

8. Magic Bullet Fund - This non-profit helps close the gap for pet owners not financially prepared to pay for their dog or cat’s cancer treatment. Note that Magic Bullet Fund doesn’t offer grants. Instead, it raises donations to cover medical care.

9. The Mosby Foundation - Since 2003, this organization has been working to help sick, abused, and neglected dogs. You can apply to have your dog’s procedures and treatments covered, but the foundation doesn’t help with vet bills you’ve already incurred.

10. Pet Assistance, Inc. - This organization offers financial aid to longtime pet owners unable to pay for emergency veterinary treatments and procedures. Pet Assistance Inc. doesn’t offer financial assistance to new pet owners but provides guidance and referrals to help save money on vet care.

Financial help for vet bills is within reach with Denefits

Quit waiting for desperate times or your pets writhing in pain. Seek a veterinarian’s office partnered with Denefits and get financial assistance whenever your pet needs medical care.

Denefits offers flexible payment plans to afford vet bills without burdening your monetary situation. Download the Denefits app or visit to learn more about pet care financing options.