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The burden of medical debt in the US is substantially large. According to a survey conducted in 2020, Americans collectively owed $195 billion in medical debt in 2019. Due to the large amounts owed, most people avoid visiting healthcare facilities.

With Denefits, your patients can easily keep up with their payments while still feeling financially comfortable. Denefits’ financing and payment plans give patients more power over their money and the flexibility to pay at their own pace.

Financing Through Denefits

By integrating Denefits into your payment options, you’re able to offer to finance to your patients. This is the number one driving force in increasing customer retention. There are many reasons why one would require healthcare services. The majority of the time, these visits are due to emergencies, leaving patients incapable of paying out-of-pocket medical bills and falling into debt.

With Denefits, you can simplify this process for your patients by allowing them to make payments towards the services they need. This way, your patients can continue to receive your services without breaking the bank. It also builds a healthy relationship between the two as you continue to serve your patients while they gradually complete their payments without hassle. Instead of asking for the entire payment upfront, financing is the safest way to retain your patients.

An additional benefit is that because you are collecting multiple payments from your patients over time, you’re also able to collect interest on each payment. This means more revenue for you while still meeting your patients’ needs.

Payment Plans

Denefits allows you to create payment plans to help with healthcare patient financing. The flexibility that Denefits offers will help you maintain a healthy relationship with your patients and have them recommend your services to others.

These payment plans allow your patients to choose how much down payment they’d like to put down. This gives them the flexibility of determining how much they pay each month. Patients also have the choice of selecting the duration and interest rate on these payment plans, which is another way to have them feel in control of their money.

No Fee Payment Processing

Practices often struggle with a few payment processing issues, such as chargebacks, disputes, processing fees, and complicated systems, feeling a complete lack of control. Denefits’ No Fee Payment Processing doesn’t let that happen.

For example, you have the option of splitting your payment transaction fee with your patients, or you can choose to have them pay entirely. This gives you control over your finances.


Choosing Denefits will help grow your practice and build healthy relationships with your patients. With the flexibility and features Denefits offers, your practice can grow and boost the patient count.

Ease your patients’ healthcare journey by offering them easy financing options and payment plans from Denefits without risk.

Simplify the process and grow your business today! To book a demo, visit the Denefits website or download the app.